Neon brings Team Secret to its limit, gracefully exits The Singapore Major


Major Singapore’s not done yet. Still, we already have a series that many Dota 2 fans will remember for a long time to come. The series between Neon Esports and Team Secret was perhaps the most hair-raising match of the tournament so far. When Final Boss faced the biggest underdog of the tournament, it was a fight for survival against unlikely opponents. With the flag of Europe and Pinoy Pride supporting both teams, it was a fight bigger than them. It was a battle between European pride and Filipino pride.


The hopes and dreams of the entire Southeast Asian region, especially Filipino fans, rest on the back of Neon Esports. His main course in Singapore was fantastic, full of pitfalls and unexpected twists. With that loot, John Anthony Natsumi Vargas was signed to COVID-19 and they had to look for a replacement. They found their new member Yang Deth Wu Heng, who said in an interview that he was only approached by Neon Esports at the last minute. Since Natsumi was the team’s carrier and Dat usually plays off-line, Neon also had to switch roles to fit Dat in. Their captain and mainstay Rolen Andrei Gabriel skem Ong is expected to take up the transfer role, after which Prieme Ejay PlayHard Banquil will support the team as a travelling mainstay.

Neon Esports clearly couldn’t cope with these restrictions at the start of the tournament and barely got through the group stage. But once the team reached the playoffs, they showed they were capable of beating the best teams in the world. They first defeated SEA rivals Fnatic in the first round of the lower bracket, then beat Vici Gaming for a tough match against Team Secret.


After an intense series, UE’s last hopes have not been dashed as @secret advances to the next round of the Lower Bracket. #SingaporeMajor

– A SPORT (@ A SPORT) 3. April 2021

To say that Neon Esports is the underdog in this game is an understatement. They enter the group stage after a win and are certainly not a team to overlook. But with the sudden change in their lineup, most viewers think Team Secret will defeat Neon. OB Esports Neon, however, has made sure that everyone remembers their names, even if they fall.

And that’s exactly what Neon did during their three-game series against Team Secret. Many talents showered Erin Jasper Yopaj Ferrer with praise for the way he took the games from first to third.

Yopay was ultimately 100% involved in the murder.

This happens in about 0.42% (0.36% if you don’t count Oracle games, since you can get passes for killing teammates) of all player games.

Participation in murder is also a pretty terrible statistic, but in extreme cases it can be interesting!

– Ben Steenhuizen (@Noxville) April 3, 2021

I just looked at two other things:
1. Yopay was always involved in every murder2. Troll was at the party and Puppy was in the witch’s hallway. If that doesn’t happen, WR will kill the troll there with a spare shot from practice.

What a classic of a game!

– LyricalDota (@LyricalDota) 3. April 2021

@NeonEsportsPH – Be proud. You had fun. Congratulations and good luck. #Singapore-Major-Dota2.

– Wykrhm Reddy (@wykrhm) April 3, 2021

Honestly, Yopay was the main protagonist in this game

– Dota 2 Reddit (@dota2reddit) 3. April 2021

Yopaj didn’t care about the secret team’s lead at any point in the match. He helped his team recover several times. Despite the loss, many consider Yopaj the most important player in the entire series.

Of course, Neon’s praise takes nothing away from Team Secret. In fact, their awesomeness is why everyone is praising Neon right now.

With today’s loss against Team Secret, the last Filipino team and the last SEA representative walk away with $25,000 and 300 DPC points. But more than that, they go home knowing they could be facing the biggest giant in Dota 2. They go home to the admiration of thousands of online viewers. And they return home knowing they have made their country proud. GG Well Played played in both Team Secret and Neon Esports and GLHF played in Team Secret.

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