NASA suffers a setback on its plan to send astronauts to the Moon by 2024

NASA suffers a setback on its plan to send astronauts to the Moon by 2024
NASA suffers a setback on its plan to send astronauts to the Moon by 2024

NASA’s plan to send astronauts to the Moon by 2024 suffered a setback when it was forced to delay its lunar orbiter mission. The project, which is expected to cost $2 billion, will now be delayed until at least 2028.

NASA suffered a setback on its plan to send astronauts to the Moon by 2024. The project was delayed due to budget cuts and other issues. Read more in detail here: nasa moon mission.


Despite investing over a billion dollars on next-generation spacesuits, NASA may fall short of its goal of returning American astronauts to the Moon by 2024. A report on the topic was filed by NASA Inspector General Paul K. Martin.

According to CNN, the delivery timetable has already been pushed back significantly. Many causes seem to have contributed to the delays. Non-receipt of money on time, the effect of the coronavirus, and technological difficulties were among them. Furthermore, many businesses are engaged in the provision of a broad range of components. These are necessary for the suits and must be included in the final output.

It’s a lengthy process. Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, said that he might help “if necessary.” NASA said in April 2019 that it will push back the Moon landing to 2024 and deploy humans to Mars by 2033.

NASA has already given SpaceX a contract to build a lunar lander.

The lunar lander would be developed by SpaceX as part of NASA’s Artemis program. Elon Musk controls the business, which had to compete for the contract against two big rivals. NASA’s current Administrator is Bill Nelson. “I’m soberly realistic,” he remarked during a recent discussion with a portion of the media. The deadline is 2024, but space travel is difficult.” One important aspect, he says, is human safety. Because the job includes new technology, the teams must exercise care.

Aside from comfort, the spacesuit must include a slew of built-in communication and safety capabilities. These are most likely ideas that have never been utilized before. CNN continues by stating that NASA is concentrating on creating next-generation spacesuits. These would be required for the Artemis and International Space Station missions.

At the moment, astronauts are using spacesuits developed for the Space Shuttle Program.

For the last 14 years, NASA has been developing revolutionary spacesuit technologies.

The historic upcoming lunar landing will need spacesuit technology capable of meeting the demands of the twenty-first century. What was acceptable to Neil Armstrong in 1979 would be completely inappropriate in 2024.

Both the times and the technology have evolved. NASA has a need for Extravehicular Mobility Units, or EMUs. They are sold as a set, and include the spacesuit as well as a variety of accessories. Astronauts would use them to connect to the International Space Station (ISS) and other spacecraft. For more than a decade, the US space agency has been working on the development of new spacesuit technologies. NASA’s aim is to send the first woman and next man to the moon. Former President Donald Trump had set the date for 2028, however it was later pushed back to November 2024. The Biden administration kept it, but with one change: it wants to send the first person of color to the Moon.

NASA will miss the 2024 target due to delays in spacesuit construction.

NASA has set a timetable of 2024 to put people on the moon, according to However, due to delays in spacesuit development, the agency will struggle to fulfill the deadline. It’s making the Artemis suits, which will be crucial to the program’s success. They’d be worn by astronauts when they stepped foot on the Moon, and NASA is racing towards the clock. Elon Musk seems to have hinted that his business might intervene to make things happen. His idea of repurposing rockets helped to save money in the operations. In reality, SpaceX is already transporting NASA astronauts to the International Space Station using refurbished rockets.


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