Multiple Incidents Involving Firearms and Narcotics in Paso Robles •

Multiple incidents involving firearms and narcotics have occurred in Paso Robles within the past week. On May 26, an unidentified suspect fired several gunshots into a vehicle on Canyon Way. On May 27, a resident of Lucelia Court shot at a group of men who were attempting to break into her home. On May 29, an unidentified suspect fired several gunshots into a vehicle on Highway 46. On May 31, an unidentified suspect fired several gunshots into a vehicle on Highway 46. On May 31, a resident of La Mirada Way fired several gunshots into a vehicle on Highway 46. On June 1, an unidentified suspect fired several gunshots into a vehicle on Highway 46.

Paso Robles, CA: 11/14/2014: A local sheriff’s department reports that a member of its SWAT team fired on a house during an investigation into a shooting and narcotics possession. Paso Robles, CA: 11/14/2014: The police department reports that a deputy shot and wounded a man during an alleged narcotics operation.

CHP pursuit of speeding vehicle leads to SWAT negotiation and shooting in Kings County

PASO ROBLES – The Paso Robles Police Department (PRPD) made an arrest over the weekend of the 22nd. two men in separate incidents involving firearms and drugs. The third incident involving the California Highway Patrol (CHP) ended in a shootout after a high-speed chase. Jose Jiminez, 20, of Paso Robles, was arrested as a suspect in an altercation. word-image-10261 Jose Jimenez (20, Paso Robles) was suspended on Sunday the 23rd. May, arrested shortly after 11 a.m. at the Presidio apartment complex, 3200 Spring Street. Saturday, the 22nd. In May, officers and detectives from the Paso Robles Police Department (PRPD) investigated an altercation that took place in the 3100 block of Park Street. Jimenez was identified as the suspect and allegedly pointed a gun at another man and threatened him with death. Jimenez is also suspected of throwing a hammer through the sunroof of the victim’s car. Objects seized in Jiminez’s home during his arrest. word-image-10262 Police have reason to believe the incident is gang related. After PRPD detectives obtained an arrest warrant for Jimenez, he was arrested without incident on several charges related to the altercation. During the search of Jimenez’s home, agents found a 30-caliber M1 Garand rifle and a non-serialized (loaded) Glock 9mm pistol. Photos were also found showing Jimenez posing with a rifle and a handgun. Jimenez was taken into custody at the SLO County Jail. Rock Collins (29, Paso Robles) was arrested on Saturday the 22nd. May, taken into custody in jail on multiple charges related to drug possession and a loaded handgun. Saturday night, officers received a call about a possibly drunk driver who took a turn and almost caused a collision. Officers located and stopped the vehicle and identified the driver as Collins. During the sobriety test, Collins ran off on foot, jumped over and hid in a large 10-by-20 bush. Rock Collins, 29, Paso Robles, arrested on drug charges. word-image-3514 After Collins refused to come out of the bushes, officers called in a K9 unit. Collins gave up as soon as he heard K9 barking. During a search of the vehicle, officers found a loaded 9mm handgun, methamphetamine, fentanyl, cannabis and Xanax. Collins was then taken to jail. The latest incident began in Paso Robles, but ended in a standoff and the death of a suspect in Kings County. On Sunday, May 23, at approximately 7 p.m., California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers attempted to pull over a speeding vehicle in Paso Robles. The CHP then requested assistance from the Kings County Sheriff’s Office and pursued the speeding vehicle. Items found in Collins’ vehicle. word-image-10263 The chase ended near State Route 33 and Devils Den Road in southwest Kings County. The suspect then confronted the CHP officers while wearing a tactical vest and being armed with a firearm. Negotiations began between CHP agents and the suspect to surrender. At approximately 7:30 p.m., SWAT and Crisis Resolution Teams (CRT) from the Kings County Sheriff’s Office were called and arrived on scene. Over the next ten hours, SWAT and CRT negotiated with the suspect. Around 7 a.m., the suspect confronted the SWAT team, tackled them to the ground and fired at least one shot in their direction. The police officers answered the fire. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. There is no further information about this incident at this time. The Kings County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this case in conjunction with the CHP, the Kings County Prosecutor’s Office and the Hanford Police Department.


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