Last Episode of Hit Series Brings Reunions, Foot Killer Reveals

As fans of the hit com Superstore know, the series has officially come to an end with tonight’s super finale, which unwinds the many major storylines that have unfolded since the beginning and reveals some details up front. The episode opens with Amy Ferrer returning from America to inform the staff that Zephra is switching to an online business and therefore closing 95% of its stores. They have nothing to fear, she’s back from California to help them stay open, at least until the serial killer strikes again.

One of the highlights of the finale is the possible closure of the store. In the first half, the team will focus on her appearance to impress Zephra, the analyst who wants to inspect the store. Sure, it derailed in several fun ways, but mostly because Jonah (Ben Feldman) confronted Amy and the couple tried to come to terms with the fact that she left him after he rejected her proposal (another major plotline). In the B-story, Mateo (Nico Santos) is trying to find a new job. He even sweet-talks Carol (Irene White) into trying to get a job as her personal assistant after she recovers.

While the staff tries to make something beautiful out of it, cookies smelling good, flowers everywhere, a short warm cheer to keep up with the class, but the leg killer strikes again when the whole bag of legs is found. Instead of calling the police and covering up the story, which could lead to closure, they build a wall of La Croix around it to show it. The ruse doesn’t last long, and eventually the police are called. In an attempt to improve the story, Jonah agrees to be interviewed by a local TV news station, but answers all their questions about the serial leg killer by explaining, among other things, why the store shouldn’t be closed : We are constantly trying to show everyone that we are the perfect store, and the truth is we are not, we are just us, but we are here every day….. We intend to continue to do so.

Amy reassures Jonah after listening and noticing that the analyst has finally left. The good news is that Zefra has decided not to close the store. The bad news is that they are turning it into a handling center and not everyone can keep their job. The result is that Amy resigns on the spot.

A month later, on the last day of the store’s opening, Amy comes to visit us. Jonah welcomes her and Glenn quickly recruits her (her last name is Vangelin).

In the last part of the episode, it was revealed that Dina was put in charge of the fulfillment center, but she could only hire five people. She just can’t decide, and finally Sandra helps her out by picking herself, Marcus, Justine, Shannon, and Lou for the entire center complex, but with another catch: Sandra becomes the director’s assistant.

Also in the final section, Glenn says he plans to retire, but isn’t sure what he’ll do next. This intertwines with Mateo’s search for a new job, which Carol can only afford for one day as an assistant, since his severance pay is not very high. Eventually, Glenn gets the idea to reopen his father’s hardware store, Sturgis & Sons, and offers Mateo a job at the store.

Finally, the tension between Amy and Jonah remains central in the final episode, when she finds out how upset he was after she left, the many people he tried to date while she was gone, and even tells him she made a mistake by not marrying him. They even have a fun moment when she teaches him to use the scanner. Jonah doesn’t apologize at first, but tells her that you can’t just plan when you’re free. It all falls apart when Glenn appears on the staff maintenance tapes and everyone remembers him.

Jonah leaves when his own video starts airing, but Amy follows him and tries to make amends by telling him that she found him the most annoying person she had ever met and that she hated that he always thought life could be better. But now? I hope he’s right and she screwed up before she said she wanted to wait for him, even though they literally kissed and made up.

The final episode of the series revolves around Garrett (now officially Deena’s boyfriend) making his final announcement about closing up shop with an assortment of pieces if it works, but sometimes there are moments that weren’t so bad. It comes with a montage of hilarious moments from the series, but goes on to reveal the future. We see Glenn and Mateo at the hardware store where Cheyenne joins them, Amy gets another managerial job where a photo of her honeymoon in Greece with Iona has somehow become her stalker, and Iona runs for local office. There’s a barbecue in Amy and Jonah’s backyard while Garrett utters the last sentence of the series. Thank you for shopping with us. Cloud9 is now closed. The lights in the store go out and the show ends.

We see two other things:

In one scene, Bo and Cheyenne try to buy all the washing machines to open a laundromat, possibly for a previously announced spin-off.

The identity of the foot-obsessed serial killer is revealed to be that of store clerk Elias (Danny Gura), who is seen carefully placing another severed leg on the store shelf before the store closes.

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