Jake Quickenden’s son Leo ‘filled void’ after double family tragedy

Jake Quickenden’s son Leo ‘filled void’ after double family tragedy
Jake Quickenden’s son Leo ‘filled void’ after double family tragedy

Leo, Jake’s only child, was born in the U.S. but raised in Australia by his U.S. mother, who gave birth to him shortly after the Quickenden family moved to the country in 2001. His father, a police officer, tragically died last year in Singapore, and the grieving father spent the next few months in Singapore, before moving back to Australia.

When a tragic accident happens to a family, it is not only the family that suffers. According to research, the suffering felt by the family is often experienced by the whole family. A study published in the journal “PLoS One” has found that the closer a member of the wider family is to the victim, the more pain felt by the whole family.

Life has been hard for Jake Quickenden since the birth of his son Leo. In 2013 his wife, actress Kate Hudson, and their son, Ryder, both died in separate accidents after her car crashed into a tree in Los Angeles. In 2015, his second son, Otis, died at the age of 20 days. Leo, now eight years old, has been Jake’s only source of comfort.

Jake’s little Leo is the joy of his life (photo courtesy of @jakequickenden14 on Instagram).

Jake Quickenden credits his kid Leo with “filling the hole” left by his father and brother’s deaths. 

After welcoming Leo with fiancée Sophie Church in February, the former Dancing On Ice star became a first-time father earlier this year. 

Jake, 32, had experienced a double tragedy in his family when both his father Paul and brother Oliver died of illness. 

After fighting through his sorrow, Jake has found a new lease on life after becoming a parent. 

‘Having Leo has absolutely altered my life,’ the TV actress told The Mirror. I don’t know how to express how much I adore him.

‘Obviously, losing my father and brother was the worst thing that could have happened to me, but I’ve always tried to look for the good.’ 

‘One of the most important things I’ve learnt is to live each day as if there is no tomorrow, and that’s what I want to teach Leo. All I want for him is for him to be healthy and happy.’ 

Jake said, “I’ve always had a hole in my heart since losing my father and brother,” but “Leo has filled it.”

Prior to Leo’s arrival, the former X Factor contestant had “struggled to be fully happy,” but now had a purpose to get out of bed in the mornings with Sophie, Leo, and his stepson Fred to care after. 

‘Their happiness is my first concern, and right now my emphasis is on stepping up as a father,’ Jake added. 

‘My father was taken away at a young age, so I want to create as many wonderful memories with Leo and Fred as possible,’ he said. 

On July 16, Jake commemorated what would have been his brother Oliver’s birthday.

Jake Quickenden with son Leo

Jake is excited to spend the rest of his life with Leo (photo courtesy of @jakequickenden14 on Instagram).

‘Happy beautiful birthday Oliver!!’ he captioned a lovely childhood picture of them together. I miss you so much, buddy; you would have been the greatest uncle to Leo, and don’t worry, I’ll tell him everything about how incredible you were and how much you would have laughed together.

‘I’m sorry I couldn’t stop you from leaving, I was supposed to protect you and I couldn’t, if I could change places with you I would in a heartbeat, you had so much to give, a better version of me but you was taken from us all and it still hurts like nothing I can explain. Everything I do is for you I hope you.’

‘Everything I do is for you, my brother,’ Jake said. ‘I hope you can see me and that I make you proud.’ You will always be at my side, mentoring and assisting me in becoming a better person.

Jake Quickenden has more.

‘Every second of every day, I love and miss you! My buddy, till we meet again, I adore you.’

Leo’s first five months haven’t been easy, with the toddler being exposed to cruel bullying on social media over his appearance and having to endure a hernia surgery.

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It was a devastating blow to lose two children within just a few days of each other. For Jake Quickenden, this was the tragic news that he never recovered from. As if losing his 13-year-old son, Leith, wasn’t hard enough, the reality that his 6-year-old son, Leo, was also in a coma touched Jake deeply. It seemed as if the void Leith left behind was now being filled by his brother.. Read more about jake quickenden son freddie and let us know what you think.

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