The Motley Fool’s 10 Stocks for 2021

The Motley Fool’s 10 Stocks for 2021
The Motley Fool’s 10 Stocks for 2021

Investments 17. April 2021

From : Sam Barker.

He went on a trip with me a little over a year ago.

When the clock struck midnight in 2020, no one had any idea what year we were in.

But in the crazy year 2020, the market ended the year at a record pace: The S&P, NASDAQ, Dow and Russell all reached their highest point ever.

And we bet the investors who missed the boat are cursing themselves.

So before I go any further, let me explain how some lucky investors made 2020 one of the most successful investment years in history.

Here at the Motley Fool, our job is to bring you the best stocks at the perfect time. For example, our founders Tom and David Gardner provide over 500,000 members with two new blocks of shares each month as part of the Equity Advisor service.

And last year, 21 of Stock Advisor’s 24 equity markets posted positive returns.

That’s 88% of equity advisor recommendations last year.

Check out some of the winners:

  • Tom’s earnings for January 2020 are up over 750%.
  • February 2020 Tom’s is over 100%.
  • March 2020 David, 190% up.
  • April 2020 David, over 140%.
  • June 2020, Tom’s is up over 120%.

And that’s just in the last 12 months!

The stock selection of the average stock selector even increased by 566%!

But I’m not writing to brag or organize a victory parade for Tom and David.

Because, to be fair, they’d rather have access to more people than rest on their laurels.

That’s why they’ve developed a 2021 action plan exclusively for Motley Fool members.

I think you can see what I found out above, but I want to prove to you how valuable this 2021 stock report can be.

Because this isn’t the first time we’ve published something like this.

Let’s look back at 2018 where we selected 3 hot stocks for 2018. Just look at how they’ve evolved since then:

  • A shares are up 1560% since
  • B shares are up 410% since
  • C shares are up 87% since

Or the best Tom Gardner action figure for 2019?

  • A shares are up 44% since
  • B shares are up 93% since
  • C shares – up 85% since then
  • D – an increase of 691% from
  • Electronic shares – up 2% on

Or let’s look at Tom Gardner’s best actions for 2020 last year…..

  • A shares – increase of 274
  • Shares B – 179% increase
  • Reserves C – up to 415

Investors who put $5,000 into each of these three stocks are now sitting on almost $60,000 in one year!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that after seeing all these returns, …..

Imagine you received this letter last year….. and you didn’t dive in

That’s where Motley the Fool comes in.

While past results are not always an indicator of future results, I think from everything you have seen that expectations were clearly exceeded when dealing with Tom and David Gardner.

After all, it’s no secret that their revolutionary investment service Stock Advisor has beaten the market nearly five times!

And with the start of the new year, they think it’s a good time to release a special report on the 10 actions for 2021.

And if it looks like previous annual reports, sooner or later you will want access to that analysis.

Click below to find out how to access this groundbreaking report!

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