Heidi Montag Dances To Britney Spears As She Plans Baby No. 2

Heidi Montag Dances To Britney Spears As She Plans Baby No. 2
Heidi Montag Dances To Britney Spears As She Plans Baby No. 2


Britney Spears performs at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards in New York.

Heidi Montag shamed Britney Spears when she teased her fans about her pregnancy plans in her new video TikTok.

Hills, 34: New Beginnings celebrated its cycle by performing an upbeat dance to pop star I’m a Slave 4 U’s 2001 hit. But instead of wrapping a Burmese python around her shoulders like the famous pop star did during her performance at MTV VMA 2001, Heidi was armed with a palette of highlighters and a fluffy brush as she danced to the tune in her bathroom.

At the end of the clip, which can be seen here on Instagram, Heidi appeared in a burgundy satin dress, rocking out to a classic Britney song before meeting her husband Spencer Pratt.

The reality star wrote in the video: If you know you’re ovulating.

Here’s what else you need to know:

Heidi Slave 4 U Dance had a great response on social media

More than 145,000 viewers watched the video and hundreds responded with encouraging comments after Heidi aired it on Instagram.

It is certain that the vibrations on ovulation and [trying to get pregnant], wrote a fan. I feel like you’re a sister.

You are a great mom – good luck with baby number 2, added another.

Do the baby! The third fan.

But some viewers were offended by the clip because the reality TV star’s underwear flashed at the end of the clip.

After a critic wrote: You should save that for your husband, several commentators said in Heidi’s defense.

She’s having fun (even with herself), trying to have a baby, wrote a fan. Hooray! Plus, showing a few advanced tattoos isn’t even close to being offensive or in bad taste. RELAXATION, PEOPLE.

There’s no shame in trying to have a baby, another fan added.

Heidi has indicated she wants to be pregnant for more than 2 years

Heidi and Spencer have long planned to have a sibling for their 3-year-old son, Gunner. The Glitter and Glory singer even mentioned it during the first season of the Hills fallout, which was filmed in 2018.

In the same year, both men told E! News that they plan to expand their family next year, and Spencer even revealed that a fortune teller had predicted they would have twins.

According to People, Heidi tweeted in October 2019: I’m thinking baby #2….

This cryptic tweet comes a few months after the star told Paige Six that she wants to plan her second child based on the Hills’ production schedule: A new beginning. After speaking with producers, he was told that the best time to try to get pregnant was around January. Unfortunately, COVID-19 messed up the shooting schedule for the series last year.

In early January 2021, Heidi made fun of the fact that she was actively trying to have the second child.  The singer posted a message on Twitter, the caption of which was an emoji of a martini glass: Well,not pregnant this month….

After a number of fans offered messages of sympathy, the MTV star replied: Thank you. Thank you. …soon, I hope.

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