Harry and Meghan could attend birthdays of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip

Harry and Meghan could attend birthdays of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip
Harry and Meghan could attend birthdays of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip

Harry and Meghan returned in January as senior members of the royal family. They are looking for a more permanent arrangement that allows them to remain dysfunctional members of the royal family while retaining their patronage. Harry and Meghan are now in the United States, where they landed after a short stay in Canada. They bought a mansion in Santa Barbara where some celebrities live. Megan is an American and an actress who plays the leading role in the television drama Suits. Harry was a fighter pilot flying Apache helicopters in Afghanistan. She and Harry got married in 2018, and they have a son, Archie.

They intend to return to the United Kingdom to discuss a possible extension of the Megxit Agreement.

They communicated through a video link with senior members of the Royal Family and then travelled to the UK for personal meetings with helpers and family members. It seems that they have taken this opportunity to attend important events. It’s the 95th. The Queen’s 100th birthday and the 100th anniversary of her birth. Birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philippe, in April and June. An equally important event would be the unveiling of the statue of Princess Diana on 1 May. July – that would be his 60th. It was my birthday. She was William and Harry’s mother and died in a car accident.

The Daily Mail UK reports that Harry and Meghan have already made some interesting deals with Netflix and Spotify. It’s because they wanted to be financially independent. They are closely monitored by senior officials as part of their 12-month evaluation.

Experts believe that these discussions could be more passionate and less confrontational than the previous ones held in Sandringham in January. Then the Megxit case came up.

This will be an important journey for Harry and Meghan.

In August, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle volunteered for charity in Los Angeles. According to royal biographer Andrew Morton, Harry does not regret his joint decision with Meghan to retire as a senior member of the royal family.

The Daily Mail UK quotes Mr Morton: Harry has more contact with the queen than we think. But some things have to be experienced personally in order to be understood. It’ll take a couple of weeks. This could happen after April, depending on Covid. Harry and Meghan are both in their thirties and presented the Megxit agreement at the Sandringham Summit in January, when they announced they wanted to make their own money.

Harry and Meghan doing good business

The main reason why Harry and Meghan distanced themselves from the royal family was to free themselves from the shackles. They wanted to explore different ways to make a living on their own and had already won interesting contracts in the voice circuit.

The Daily Mail UK adds that they have left the UK, moved to California, bought a mansion and founded their charity Archewell. The relationship between Harry and William has improved lately. The younger brother sends gifts to his older brother and family.

Netflix and Spotify Harry and Meghan agreements must meet certain expectations

According to The Sun UK, Harry and Meghan’s contract with Buckingham Palace ends on the 31st. Get out of here. The couple could go to the UK and try to get an extension.

They talk about the idea of a more permanent agreement to be pursued as an unemployment tax in California. They have done good business with Netflix and Spotify, but have to make sure they adhere to Her Majesty’s values.

The couple want to keep the royal patronage, despite their commercial obligations in America. Harry seems to have kept in touch with the Queen since they retired. However, some problems require a physical presence. That’s one of the reasons the couple came to the UK. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have already set their first goals for 2021.

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