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The map is available on the Safe Schools for All website and builds on the additional transparency, accountability and awareness measures in the Safe Schools for All plan.

SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom today announced that the state has launched the Safe Schools for All Plan Interactive School Re-opening Map, an online tool that provides an overview of the state of school re-opening throughout California. The map helps communities make evidence-based decisions about reopening classrooms and contributes to transparency and public safety. Today’s announcement builds on the additional transparency, accountability and support provided by the “Safe Schools for All” plan.

“As conditions continue to improve for COVID-19 and vaccination rates increase across the state, this map will provide local communities with accessible and up-to-date information on how districts are preparing for the pandemic in their communities and beyond, including planning and implementing safety measures,” Governor Newsom said. “This map is one of many resources we have made available to help school staff and families make informed decisions as we open our schools safely,” he said.

Map for restarting safe schools

The interactive map was developed in partnership with county school boards and the California Collaborative for Educational Improvement. The map displays data for all types of schools – including school districts and charter and private schools – with information on reopening status, safety planning and support for COVID-19. Local communities and school staff can use this tool to assess their reopening plans. The Safe School Reopening map helps clarify how to plan and implement a safe reopening.

The California Department of Public Health will add other important data to the map, including data on reported outbreaks in each school district and whether the school has collaborated with Valencia Branch’s laboratory to test COVID-19. Schools enter their data every two weeks to provide up-to-date information. Additional data – including student enrollment data – is collected and disclosed, subject to legal authorization.

Since the launch of the Safe Schools for All plan, the state has created the Safe Schools for All Hub to serve as a one-stop shop for personalized information on safe learning. The Governor’s 2021-22 budget proposes historic amounts of funding for schools – nearly $90 billion, including $3.8 billion more than the 98-minimum program – on top of existing state and federal funding to support schools in light of the pandemic. State School Safety Team :

  • Publication of an updated manual merging the Cal/OSHA and CRPD requirements.
  • Provide direct technical assistance to hundreds of school principals weekly on essential safety measures through an online portal.
  • Monitoring and implementing feedback on safe school issues that school staff and families can provide through the online portal or by calling the helpline (if non-English speaking options are available).
  • Through the county education offices, provide an additional month of preschool supplies and materials to all public schools.
  • COVID-19 is on board with more than 800 schools in 41 Valencia State districts to support screening. The laboratory continues to implement customized support for schools, including drop boxes across the state to reduce logistical costs, an online platform that manages consent and data sharing, and certified support for students tested.
  • Publication of new resources for COVID-19 testing for schools, including contact information for commercial laboratories and manuals for games to support implementation.

The National Safe Schools Team will continue to develop resources to help schools plan and implement safe school reopenings, beginning with the youngest and most vulnerable students. For more information, visit the Safe Schools for All Center website at

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