Full Player Comparison: Paul George vs. Devin Booker (Breakdown)

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Who’s the best all-star player? As one of the best two-way players of the past decade, Paul George is an exceptional talent who can do anything on the high level field. Devin Booker is slowly becoming one of the top scorers in the NBA and has already scored 70 points in one match. It is therefore very interesting to see which star does best in player comparisons.

Neither star has reached the finals of the NBA, although they have been successful in the NBA. Paul George is a six-time all-star, has been selected four times for the defense team and has received the MVP award, while Booker, 24, is a one-time all-star and was selected for the rookie team in 2016. But who is the best player in general?

To end the debate, it is time to compare the two star players and try to make a distinction.

Scorers – Devin Booker

Paul George has a career average of 20.0 PPG over 43.4%, with 84.7% of the line and 38.3% of the three. Devin Booker had an average of 22.4 PPG in his career, with 44.9% FG and 35.4% of 3 points FG. Booker is also very effective from the line, reaching 86.9% of free throws. Booker is a natural marker that will improve over time when it comes to making your own shot. George is a very good scorer when he is on the role and can make his own shot, although Booker excels in this respect.

Overall, Devin Booker is a top scorer because he has a better shot and is a more versatile attacker. Not to mention the fact that Booker could be one of the top scorers in the game and George could not. Devin Booker has a career of 70 points and is the active NBA player with the most points in a game.

The score is the first category for the Sunstar on Paul George.

Athletics training – Paul George

Paul George is very athletic, and even after a serious injury a few years ago, he can rise above the defenders to throw jams. George’s physical abilities also give him an advantage in stopping players, as his long arms allow him to be robbed and block shots.

Devin Booker can be explosive sometimes, especially if he wants to attack the edge. Booker’s a good measure of his position, and he can take the shot whenever he wants. But he’s not as athletic as Paul George, who can play both defensive and offensive positions because of his size. The advantage must go to Paul George.

Defence – Paul George

It’s not even close. Paul George has been one of the best defenders of the past decade, and his defense is one of the reasons why the Los Angeles Clippers decided to offer him a $190 million contract extension. George has made 4 defense teams in his career and he will certainly make a few more before the end of his career.

Devin Booker is a great attacker, but his defense still has a long way to go. Booker’s lack of complete game is the main reason why the Phoenix Suns weren’t one of the best teams in the West, despite Booker’s offensive bravery. Booker has time to improve, but the advantage goes to George.

Clutch – Devin Booker

Paul George is a strong attacker, but his ability in clutch situations has been questioned. When he was in Indiana, he participated, but he didn’t make it to Oklahoma City of Los Angeles, where he was trusted to do great things for his team.

Devin Booker, on the other hand, has a great offensive game, so it’s natural that this translates into a clutch. Many players don’t have this option, but Booker does. Devin Booker has many victories to his name in his young career, and the 24-year-old becomes one of the most feared clutch players in the league. George is strongly criticized for his clutch performance, so the advantage should go to Devin Booker.

Scale – right

The leadership qualities of the two stars are not their greatest assets. Paul George was once a franchise player for his team, but his leadership has always been questioned. George and the Indiana Pacers had a great team, but they couldn’t get past LeBron James and the Miami Heat, which didn’t hurt George at all. But George has had some bad performances in the post-season that make people doubt his ability to be a leader for his team.

Booker is young and seems not yet able to lead a team with his instructions or his voice. Booker is 24 years old and plays in a league with grown men, so it’s going to take some time. Of course, Booker is not considered a leader.

Therefore, there is no clear distinction between the two stars, and this star is a receipt.

Basketball IQ – Paul George


As far as basketball IQ is concerned, Paul George and Devin Booker are probably two of the best at their job.

Paul George received many well-deserved reviews for his inconsistent game last season, but his basketball IQ is among the best in the league, and his full game is proof of that.

Devin Booker is a natural marker and his playing skills have also improved considerably. Booker knows very well how to dominate the game with his attack, and this will only get better when he matures as a player. As a result, his aggression is IQ off the map. But Paul George has everything.

He can dribble, defend, collide with the boards and score with or without the ball. This gives George an advantage over Booker, whose overall game needs to be improved.

Impact – Law

Paul George is no better scorer than Booker, although he can also score at All-Star level. However, George influences the game in other areas, which should give him the advantage in most cases. But Booker’s emergence as an attacking superstar is undeniable, and he has shown that he can influence the game with his goals and passes, making him equal.

The impact of Devin Booker on the offensive side of football is undoubtedly enormous. It’s not for nothing that the Phoenix Suns now have the second best record in the Western Conference, even though Chris Paul had a lot to do with it. Booker is an automatic bucket, and its impact on this goal really belongs to the best in the competition. Having an All-Star player like Booker is a blessing for the Phoenix Suns.

Set 1 for 1 – Devin Booker


Paul George is an excellent goalkeeper in 1-on-1 situations and can even play in defense by blocking on the other side. George is one of the best bidirectional players and his 1-on-1 skills are the main reason. Booker, on the other hand, began as a shooter, but his game has evolved significantly over the years. Booker can prevent players from dribbling, getting into position for weaker players, retreating for jumpers and ending up on the edge. He is a complete vanguard and one of the best 1-on-1 players in the world.

George’s ability to play in pairs should give him the advantage, but Booker, who is undoubtedly special in these situations, hits the ball. As his performances this season have shown, the advantage should go to Booker.

Career – Paul George

http://server.digimetriq.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/1610192280_475_Full-Player-Comparison-Paul-George-vs-Devin-Booker-Breakdown.jpg (via projects)

This is no small achievement, as Paul George was driven into the role of franchise player early in his career after winning the Most Improved Player award. He hasn’t looked back since, because George has made 6 All-Star teams and 5 All-NBA teams with the Pacers, Thunder and Clippers.

Devin Booker already has an All-Star team behind him, and he will probably do a lot more if he continues to improve as a star player. Paul George has just had a much bigger career and has had some memorable playoff fights with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, which gives him a clear advantage.

Final result

Paul George v. Devin Booker 4-3

Paul George is the top player in general, for Devin Booker. Booker is the best volume scorer and could be the first offensive option, but Paul George brings the best bidirectional game. George is bigger than Booker, more efficient and doesn’t have to score to influence the game.

George also has a much more successful career than the young Devin Booker, and George is probably destined for the Hall of Fame if he can win a chip with the Clippers. Booker is still very young and could end up being a better player than George, but for now Paul George is the most useful player.


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