European Super League: Manchester City withdraw and Chelsea prepare to follow

Chelsea’s intention to host a European Super League match is leading to an outcry from supporters at Stamford Bridge.

Manchester City have left the European Super League (ESL) and Chelsea are also preparing a departure.

The attempts to leave came just two days after the two clubs were announced as two of six English clubs for a controversial new league.

The SLA has received a lot of criticism since its announcement on Sunday.

Around 1,000 fans gathered outside Chelsea FC’s Stamford Bridge stadium before Tuesday’s game against Brighton to protest their attendance.

Chelsea and City are among six major English football clubs – along with Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham – that have agreed to join the new league.

A total of 12 European clubs have announced their intention to form a separate league, which they plan to launch as a new weekday competition.

It has been condemned by football authorities and ministers in the UK and, across Europe, by UEFA and the leagues.

Chelsea were the first club to state that they would not be pressured by the withdrawal papers. The city was quickly abandoned.

Chelsea and City were not the driving forces behind this plan, they were the last to sign and feared they would be left out.

The convenience and binding nature of the contracts are not clear.

The decision to try Chelsea on holiday was taken by club owner Roman Abramovich and the club’s board of directors after they experienced negative reactions to the Super League worldwide.

There was concern that this would damage the club’s reputation and jeopardise some of its campaigns and community work.

Questions have arisen within the club as to whether fans will respond to a club bid that has gone so wrong.

The decision was made on Tuesday before protests began at Stamford Bridge.

Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with representatives of the Football Association, Premier League officials and fans, after which the government said it would take all necessary steps, including legal ones, to ensure that the proposals are stopped.

Johnson’s position is supported by Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

A statement issued after the Premier League’s meeting with the 14 non-participating clubs said they unanimously and firmly rejected the league’s plans.

She added that she was considering all available measures to end the competition and called on the six teams to cease participation immediately.


Former Chelsea striker Pat Nevin is live on Radio 5.

I’m not even surprised – it’s not like Chelsea wanted to jump on the wagon, but they didn’t want to be left behind at the station.

I don’t think these clubs were prepared for anything. This looks like total panic on the part of the recruiting clubs. I think this is the first break that falls and then we go back to something normal.

A few years ago Chelsea wanted to move the stadium, the fans disagreed. The club, instead of enforcing it, said we were wrong. They can change, they can adapt.

Now that he’s gone, he’s dead in the water. He is so important because the other clubs would look a bit silly without him.

There’s more.

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