Ben Smith Asked About Who He’d Want to See in ‘Paradise’

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Ben Smith.

Ben Smith recently spoke with Caitlin Bristow as part of the Off the Vine podcast, the first part of which aired last week and the second part today. During the interview, Bristow asked Smith, who appeared alongside Taishia Adams in the season of The Bachelorette, who he would like to know more about if given the chance to move on to Bachelor in Paradise.

Smith told Bristow that he wasn’t very familiar with the ladies from previous seasons of The Bachelor. And although Bristow couldn’t get him to say the name, Smith admitted that he thought there were some beautiful women in Colton Underwood’s season.

Hypothetical. Let’s say you go to Bachelor in Paradise. The three best women you want to see come down the stairs, Bristow said as he started talking about Raya.

I don’t know anything about The Bachelor in Paradise….. I know there are a lot of boys and I know there are a lot of girls going to the island. Or Mexico, for example. And they’re together, so to speak. I don’t know the format, Smith Bristow said.

Do you know people who have left the country in other seasons, for example B. women who might be of interest to you? Bristow asked. They went back and forth before Smith went back to the original question.

Top three. I had no intention of answering that question, Smith said. Then Bristow told him he didn’t have to answer.

Here’s what you need to know:

Ben Smith thinks Demi Burnett is hilarious.

Trying to think of someone he would like to meet in Paradise, Smith called up Demi Burnett, who has already starred in seasons of Bachelor in Underwood and Bachelor in Paradise.

Is there anyone in bachelor land where you say oh, boy? Bristow suggested.

I think Demi is hilarious. I follow her on Instagram. I think she’s hilarious. There are also a few girls this season who are pretty cute. But I can’t remember the names, Smith continued. The only reason I know Demi is that I followed her on Instagram a long time ago and didn’t even know she was on [The Bachelor].

As Heavy has mentioned, Bachelor in Paradise has not yet started filming the new season due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, popular Bachelor’s host Chris Harrison has confirmed that the show will return and that producers hope to shoot in the coming months.

Caitlin Bristow asked Ben Smith about Hannah Brown and offered to find her a dog and a friend.

Interestingly, Bristow Smith asked an explicit question about former bachelorette Hannah Brown.

What about Hannah B.? She’s in your next forest… Bristow said.

Hanna lives in Venice. I never contacted her, Smith replied.

I don’t want to brag, but I’m a matchmaker, Bristow continued. If you have someone in mind, come to me, unofficially, I am your friend.

You’re going to give me a dog and a friend, Smith joked, referring to an earlier moment in their conversation when they talked about their love of dogs.

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