Batman Bat-Tech Line From Spin Master Features Light Up Deluxe Batman, Batwoman, Transforming Batmobile, and More

Spin Master has expanded its DC line with a new series of Bat-Tech figures, featuring some of your favorite Batman figures with a technological twist. The Bat-Tech line includes a 4 and 12 series, as well as a sleek Batman Deluxe figure and a 2 convertible Batmobile. So if you’re looking for a new addition to your Gotham collection, here it is. The 4-inch Bat-Tech figure series includes Batman, Robin, Batman, the Joker and the Villain, and each figure comes with three mystery accessories. Plus, the line includes two options, with a rare Batman and a super rare Joker to hunt, and you can check out all the new Bat-Tech figures from the next slide.

The 12-inch set includes Batman, the Riddler, Nightwing and the Joker, and each figure has 11 points of articulation. You can also get the 12-inch deluxe Batman, with an illuminated armor and wings, and 20 phrases that appear when you click on the bat icon. Finally, there is the Batman Bat-Tech 2In-1 Batmobile, which includes a launchable boat and can accommodate one of the 4-inch Batman figures.

You can see all the new additions in the slides below and the official descriptions of each set can be found below. You can also order your new Bat-Tech figures here.


Batman, Robin, Joker and the Riddler! Can you collect them all? These 4-inch figures come with a collectible poster and three mysterious accessories hidden in compartments. Find gauntlets, shields, blasters and more to charge your character in exciting Bat-Tech missions. Each figure also comes with a collection guide to help you keep track of your collection. Look out for a rare Batman figure and a super rare Joker figure! Retailing : $7.99


Get ready to see Batman, the Joker, Nightwing and the Bandit come to life with these 12-inch figures! Each figure has 11 points of articulation and a detailed
comic style. Let your imagination run wild and place your figure to reenact your own Batman stories and battles! Retailing : $9.99


Take your Batman missions to the next level with the Batmobile and Bat Boat 2-in-1 from Bat-Tech. When Gotham City’s harbor is in trouble, launch the boat by lifting the Batmobile’s hatch and pulling the boat out for a mission. Charge compatible 4-inch Batman figures (sold separately) as you push to the limit! This legendary Batman transformation vehicle has everything you need for an epic adventure. Retailing : $19.99


Batman Bat-Tek 12 deluxe figure packed with epic features! Pull the lever on the figure’s back to transform and open the wings of Bat-Tech Batman. Click on the bat icon on Batman’s chest to hear over 20 exciting sounds and phrases and see Batman’s icon, parts and weapons light up. Close your wings by pushing the lever up and continue your missions on the streets of Gotham City. Retailing : $19.99

What are the numbers you’re going to get? Let us know what you think in the comments or, as always, feel free to discuss anything DC related with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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