4 NBA stars who must be on Team USA for 2024 Paris Olympics

The United States Olympic Committee announced the names of the players who would be representing Team USA in Paris for the 2024 Olympics. LeBron James, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have been selected to represent the United States.

The summer olympics 2024 is a summer Olympics that will be held in Paris, France. Team USA has selected 4 NBA stars who must be on the team for the Olympics.


Team USA basketball will most certainly reshuffle their lineup for the 2024 Paris Olympics after overcoming a sluggish start and winning their fourth consecutive gold medal, headed by superstar Kevin Durant and head coach Gregg Popovich. Especially because Durant, Damian Lillard, Draymond Green, and the other senior players of Team USA’s gold-medal-winning squad at the Tokyo Olympics will be beyond their peak or on the verge of retirement by then.

When Bradley Beal had to withdraw from the team due to health and safety concerns this season, it became clear that a number of players had been overlooked or were worthy of more serious consideration for a spot on the US squad. With that stated, let’s take a look at four NBA players that deserve to be on Team USA for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Mitchell, Donovan 

Donovan Mitchell was initially chosen to play for the US National Team at this year’s Olympics, but opted out owing to injury concerns and a need for additional rest and recuperation time during the summer. Mitchell should certainly rethink and actively participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Mitchell will be a welcome addition to Team USA, providing a much-needed boost in the backcourt with his well-rounded offensive game, strong defensive presence, and superhuman agility. Mitchell, who is now a rising star in the NBA, would be an excellent addition for the Americans and would help them maintain their global supremacy.

Williamson, Zion 

Zion Williamson has demonstrated what he’s capable of when he’s at full strength with his raw power and unparalleled agility. Williamson has proven his superstar potential in the NBA and is looking to make a huge impact next season and continue developing his game. Zion is a force of nature on the basketball floor because of his ability to sprint point-forward, smash down low, and play much larger than his stature.

Adding him to Team USA’s frontcourt rotation would be a great move, particularly given their problems with Rudy Gobert during the gold medal game against France. Williamson’s shot blocking, rebounding, and put-back dunks are all assets in his game that the Americans may use in their next Olympic run.

Ball, LaMelo 

LaMelo Ball, who earned the NBA Rookie Of The Year title after displaying a broad variety of skillsets during the whole 2020-21 NBA season, put the entire league on notice. Ball will undoubtedly continue his climb to fame as a dynamic young point guard with a high All-Star potential, and he may one day be a league MVP and perhaps an NBA champion. With that in mind, he should be a strong contender for a spot on Team USA’s basketball team at the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

He’d be the ideal floor general for them, showing great leadership skills and the ability to continually enhance the performance of those around him, as he’s already shown in his first NBA season. If the Americans want to win the gold in 2024, acquiring an intriguing young player like LaMelo Ball would enhance their chances of doing so while also providing them with an interesting and fresh style of play at the point guard position.

Jaren Jackson Jr. is a professional basketball player. 

 Jaren Jackson Jr., a multi-skilled combo big with a lot of potential, is precisely the kind of player required to strengthen Team USA’s extremely weak frontcourt. His versatility to play both power forward and center offers the Americans a flexible approach on both ends of the floor, allowing them to create mismatches and provide a powerful counter to larger opponents like as France, Spain, and Australia.

If there was one flaw that the US National Team displayed at the Tokyo Olympics, it was their lack of interior size and depth. This addition seems to be a no-brainer with a large body and talented presence like Jackson Jr., who can offer relief at the power forward or center position.

Especially given how obvious it became over their last few games in the tournament that they needed more assistance on the glass. Adding Jaren Jackson Jr. to Team USA’s basketball squad for the 2024 Paris Olympics would be a fantastic move that may help them win their fifth gold medal in a row.



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