2021 MLB draft – Mock drafts, rankings, order and analysis

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Baseball’s back! Yep, the first day of baseball’s early signing period saw the biggest crop of draft-eligible players to sign in the history of the event. As many as 40 signees could potentially be added to the draft total this year, including eight of the top 10 picks in 2018. The players are expected to join 25 other draftees who signed last year, including the number one overall pick and 19 of the top 20 picks.

The MLB draft is a special event, one that has a long history of making fans of some players very happy and others very sad. But this year, the MLB Draft on June 8th is looking like one of the most exciting ones in recent memory. A lot of this has to do with the fact that the draft is taking place during the summer, a time when the NFL is winding down the season, meaning the debate over who should be the #1 pick in the draft has already begun.. Read more about when is the mlb draft 2021 and let us know what you think.The 2021 MLB Draft is less than two months away, this year it will take place from July 11-13 and coincide with Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have the first pick, followed by the Texas Rangers, Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles. While there is no clear first pick this year, Vanderbilt aces Jack Leiter and Kumar Roker, shortstops Jordan Lawlar and Marcelo Meyer, and Louisville catcher Henry Davis are among the promising prospects who will be selected first.

After the number of rounds in 2020 was reduced to five due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s draft has 20 rounds, half as many as the previous draft with 40 rounds in 2019.

Which MLB candidate does ESPN’s Kiley McDaniel prefer? Which of the potential future stars did your favorite team pick first? Who could be a gem in the late round this year? Check out the full report on the draft below, including draft patterns, prospect rankings, player analysis, draft order and more.

Mock Drafts and MLB Rankings

Spot Draft 1.0

Design review 2.0: top 100

Setup Classifier 1.0 : Original Top 50

MLBDesign analysis



Kiley McDaniel analyzes his latest MLB draft picks for this year’s top three players.

McDaniel: How a high school game can change the MLB draft

McDaniel: Observe design actions

Vanderbilt aces pursue Jack Leiter and Kumar Rocker

McDaniel: Secret Service Ace Vandy Leiter and Roker

First Round

(Note: The Houston Astros lose the first two picks in this draft as punishment for illegally stealing signs).

1. Pittsburgh Pirates
2. Texas Rangers
3. Detroit Tigers
4. Boston Red Sox
5. Baltimore Orioles
6. Arizona Diamondbacks
7. Kansas City Royals
8. Colorado Rockies
9. Los Angeles Angels
10. New York Mets
11. Washington Nationals
12. Seattle Mariners
13. Philadelphia Phillies 19 14. San Francisco Giants
15. Milwaukee Brewers
16. Miami Marlins
17. Cincinnati Reds
18. St. John’s St. Louis Cardinals
19. Toronto Blue Jays
20. New York Yankees
21. Chicago Cubs
22. Chicago White Sox
23. Cleveland Indians
24. Atlanta Braves
25. Oakland Athletics
26. Minnesota Twins
27. San Diego Padres
28. Tampa Bay Rays
29. Los Angeles Dodgers

Compensation possibilities

30. Cincinnati Reds (Trevor Bauer)

Competitive balance round A

31. Miami Marlins
32. Detroit Tigers
33. Milwaukee Brewers
34. Tampa Bay Rays
35. Cincinnati Reds
36. Minnesota Twins

Second Round

37. Pittsburgh Pirates
38. Texas Rangers
39. Detroit Tigers
40. Boston Red Sox
41. Baltimore Orioles
42. Arizona Diamondbacks
43. Kansas City Royals
44. Colorado Rockies
45. Los Angeles Angels
46. New York Mets
47. Washington Nationals
48. Seattle Mariners
49. Philadelphia Phillies
50. San Francisco Giants
51. Milwaukee Brewers
52. Miami Marlins
53. Cincinnati Reds
54. St. John’s St. Louis Cardinals
55. New York Yankees
56. Chicago Cubs
57. Chicago White Sox
58. Cleveland Indians
59. Atlanta Braves
60. Oakland Athletics
61. Minnesota Twins
62. San Diego Padres
63. Tampa Bay Rays
64. Los Angeles Dodgers

Competitive balance round B

64. Pittsburgh Pirates
65. Baltimore Orioles
66. Kansas City Royals
67. Arizona Diamondbacks
68. Colorado Rockies
69. Cleveland Indians
70. St. John’s St. Louis Cardinals
71. San Diego Padres

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