Yungblud jokes over Jordan North’s awkward Halsey gaffe on Radio 1

Yungblud jokes over Jordan North’s awkward Halsey gaffe on Radio 1
Yungblud jokes over Jordan North’s awkward Halsey gaffe on Radio 1

Jungblud jokes that he still hasn’t forgiven Jordan his heavy radio routine (Photo: Twitter).

I’m a famous star, Jordan North, who was once named after his ex-girlfriend on Yungblud radio, and if he thinks he’s getting an invitation to one of the singer’s dinners, he might reconsider his decision.

When Jordan starred in I’m A Celeb, he remembered an embarrassing mistake made by his classmates at the end of the interview with Jungblud.

They talked about their most embarrassing moments at work, Ruthie Henshall showed she had to run off stage to get the vomit out, and Victoria Derbyshire remembers saying Jeremy Hunt’s name on live television.

While Jordan’s failure with Yungblud was never broadcast, his colleagues decided to share this moment on Twitter – with Jordan, who despite repeated warnings, not to mention Halsey, heard him present Yungblud as his old flame.

Yungblud was on Radio 1 with Greg James, who talked to listeners about the fantastic guests of the dinner when the embarrassing moment with Jordan arrived.

The listener said he would like Jordan to join their dinner after he was impressed with them in the camp and fought Jungblud: After that radio stunt, he wasn’t invited to one of my dinners.

He can stay outside, teasing the artist.

When Greg pointed out that Jordan had repeatedly referred to the error on national television, Halsey made a joke: Everyone wrote to me: You’re a celebrity.

And that’s what I am: What? They don’t let them play music on I’m A Celebrity, and I’m sure I’m not in Wales, and they say Jordan North is talking about you.

Despite the joke of taking Jordan off the guest list, Jungblud proved he had nothing against him.

He’s very nice and hilarious. He told the audience about Jordan. I love that boy.

Jordan had an uncomfortable time with his camp mates (Photo: ITV/Rex)

Halsey stayed open at that time because of Jordan’s failure, where the DJ went to play the song and finally said we’ll play another song and then we’ll have another talk with Halsey.

Luckily Jungblud saw the funny side and came out laughing when he made a joke: Oh, he dropped a bomb.

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Jordan became an I’m A Celebrity fan this year and took second place.

With Vernon Kay, who finished third, and Giovanna Fletcher, who won the tournament, he was one of the top three finalists.

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