World Beyond Reveals New Character Played by Scott Adsit

He walked to his death: On Sunday 106, World Beyond performs an agility exercise with the Shady Puppets when a pair of cunning intruders stop one of them on our survivors. When Felix (Nico Tortorella) caught Percy (Ted Sutherland) spying on the group’s camp, the stranger says he was in a difficult situation when two bandits left in his truck loaded with tons of refine. Iris (Aliyah Royale) wants to speed up the group’s trip to New York to rescue Dr. Bennett’s father (Joe Holt) from the clutches of civilians, and makes a deal: If you help Percy get the truck back, he’ll get all six people where they need them.

When Felix brings Iris, Hope (Alexa Mansour), Elton (Nicholas Kantou) and Silas (Hal Compton) to town, the divorced children are cheated and stripped of their bodies, which turns out to be that of Percy’s uncle Tony (Scott Adsit), who plays the role of a possum. It wasn’t until after stealing Percy that Tony and Iris came back to save Iris from a swarm of losers calling her a loser and apologizing for cheating on the group.

Tony impresses Elton with the dexterity of the magic of his hands and reveals his past as an insignificant illusionist in the Paradise Lounge in Las Vegas. His 15 years of mastering illusions, card tricks and even some of the well-known ventriloquist acts proved useful for two so-called professional post-apocalyptic cheaters.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m still in show business, Tony says, adding that they have performed in the past for a small fee to escape out-of-court settlements. And Percy, who raised Tony after his mother’s jump, learned quickly, with his children in the sandbox.

Like Percy says, it’s how we get what we need without hurting people.

In a side interview with Felix, Tony says they have no leads: They both want a truck, but only Tony knows where to get more fuel. He will keep his nephew’s promise to take the group with him, but he wants to know about the tricycle badge on Felix’s jacket. Felix greets them as if they wear the emblem of the campus colony where they live, but Tony calls him to do it: As they say, no nonsense. Especially since Vegas.

He makes a film on his truck showing the symbol of the Civil Republic and tells him that the band is not joking – and that they often travel by helicopter. Tony found something pointing to the gas station when he stole the truck driver’s bags, but it would take a little longer to keep dodging armed tooth and nail soldiers in black uniforms.

If they get into the binder, they could come out with the gun from Felix’s jacket, according to Tony. Under the new agreement, Tony and Percy will lead the group everywhere, including at the Civic Republic Research Center in New York, where the MRC secretly conducts experiments on zombies.

It’s about a mysterious man who may have been around longer than the episode. And we are halfway through the first season, and the presence of this character is really going to change the course of the next five episodes in a way that I think is irreversible, series director Matthew Negrete told EW about Percy. Everything will happen if it is ignited by the presence of this character. And there’s no turning back. There are really a lot of dominoes that we have set up this season and I would like to say that the presence of this character will settle the first domino that falls. And I’m glad people see where this is going.

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