Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says Trump Twitter ban is ‘failure’

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says Trump Twitter ban is ‘failure’
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says Trump Twitter ban is ‘failure’

Trump was suspended from the platform last week (Photo: Getty)

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey first spoke out about Donald Trump’s ban on the platform, saying he thinks the ban is a mistake on our part.

In a lengthy Twitter feed posted last night, Mr Dorsey expressed regret over the incident and warned it could set a dangerous precedent.

Yet the need to freeze the bill has real and important consequences. While there are clear and obvious exceptions, I believe that prohibitions are ultimately our failure to promote healthy conversations. And time to think about our activities and our environment.

– jack (@jack) January 14, 2021

However, the social media billionaire backed up his decision, arguing that the platform had made the right decision under the circumstances.

We are faced with extraordinary and unacceptable circumstances that require us to focus all of our actions on public safety, Ms. Dorsey wrote.

The damage caused offline by online speech is clearly real, and that is what motivates our policy and its application more than anything else.

The ban took effect after Twitter temporarily suspended Trump’s account for tweets justifying violence after his supporters stormed Capitol Hill in violent scenes that killed four people.

The social media giant first deleted the objectionable content and then suspended his account entirely, saying that leaving the tweets could incite more violence.

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Twitter’s CEO has long been reluctant to ban or censor public figures (Photo: Getty)

350 Twitter employees signed Dorsey’s letter demanding that Trump be permanently banned from Twitter.

The social media platform has long been a popular communication tool for presidents and has become a must over the years.

Dorsey pointed out that the ban was not a good thing, but it was a failure in terms of promoting healthy conversation on Twitter.

It also provided a platform for reflection on our activities and environment in the coming months.

While the tech CEO pointed out that tweets like Divide us limit Trump’s potential for clarification, redemption and enlightenment, he also warned of the growing power of Big Tech when it comes to deciding to ban people.

Trump’s Twitter ban was followed by bans on other social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, and the social media service Talk about Trump was disconnected from the internet after Amazon refused to host the site.

In the long run, this will destroy the noble goal and ideals of an open internet, Dorsey wrote.

A company making a decision to moderate is different than a government eliminating access, but it may feel the same.

(Photo: Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

Last week, Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol building (Photo: Getty).

But the social media giants are also under pressure for spreading misinformation too recklessly and serving as a breeding ground for right-wing terrorism.

In the past, Twitter and Dorsey have refrained from banning or moderating the platform because they believe the public has a right to hear the news.

But as the 2020 US election approached, she backed down and began reporting tweets she considered to be election mistakes, prevented simple retweets with questionable tweets, and then deleted tweets she believed to incite violence.

After the riots on U.S. Capitol Hill that left five people dead, Donald Trump released a video that many believe was used to justify the incident.

These are the kinds of things and events that happen when a hallowed electoral victory is summarily and abruptly taken away, Trump said.

Shortly after the video was released, it was withdrawn – shortly after which a permanent ban was imposed on Friday.

Dorsey also hinted in her speech that a successor to Twitter is being prepared, nicknamed Blue.

According to the Bitcoin model, Twitter’s CEO says it is an open and decentralized standard for social media.

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