Thon Maker Surprises Everybody With Incredible Muscle Picture

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Your Maker is not waiting to become a free agent. The former Milwaukee Bucks pick in the 2016 NBA Draft has worked hard, improved his physique and now looks very different. Maker never got out of the league and is now looking for another chance in the Association.

It’s unclear if he went to the gym and started shooting to improve his game, but he went to the gym to lift weights and looks like the 10th overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. Maker shared the photo on Instagram showing him doing curls and showing off his big muscles.

Your Maker has been spending time in the gym.

(h/t @LachieEverett)

– Hope Central (@TheHoopCentral) 20. March 2021

It surprised many fans who did not hesitate to show their reactions. Some said he was on the way back, others called for him to improve as a jumper, and the rest just called him a dork.

Tuna maker rn:

– Heat 3x (@DadeTeflonDon) March 20, 2021

Excuse me, but isn’t he bankrupt? Is he still in the league?

– ȶei (@IrvingsGoat) March 20, 2021


– Colin Δ (@Colin8136) March 20, 2021

Three years ago. The men have been working!

– Micah (@micahadonaii) 20. March 2021

Literally every NBA player in the gym with a pump:

All media : OMG, he was in the gym! !! He added 60 points of PURE muscle!!!

– James (@Mo_Baammbaaa) 20. March 2021

That’s because the veins in the shoulders stand out when the weight is heavy.

– Slow Mo (@Slow_Mo5) 20. March 2021

Is he 40?

– ślx (@bamaddamayo) March 20, 2021

– Jackson (@macksonjanning) March 20, 2021

This myth has evolved from KD to The Rock.

– Supreme Man (@JadenHonnie) March 20, 2021

– Jacob Stutz (@stu4zy) March 20, 2021


– o (17-19)/Fade for Cade (@KingMo_S) March 20, 2021

He must have arrived like that as a rookie. Dwight Howard was emaciated. Emeka Okafor should be Dwight’s first choice. Dwight Howard has worked hard on his body and has shown that he is an unheralded athlete. The spell ended when Dwight transferred to Okafor.

– Ties (@LobTies) March 20, 2021

It’s a scary sight.

– Matthew (@Matthew19877404) 20. March 2021

It looks like Tone has built up some muscle!

– ((((MichaelWelch)))) (@MichaelWelchAct) 20. March 2021

Not long ago, he was a toothbrush.

– Jake #RipChadwickBoseman (@W0lfSzn0) March 20, 2021

He still can’t play, he just got more muscular, that’s all.

– Simon Gatuz (@GatuzSimonBall) March 20, 2021

The damn guy looked torn, I thought my Pistons were going to leave him. But we haven’t separated him from our future, I think he’s a backup for the Cavs.

– John Pestano (@Lionsbadboy) March 20, 2021

But can he play basketball?

– Austin Austin (@AustinAust1) March 20, 2021

– (@BullsEra21) 20. March 2021

that’s the end of the competition.

-( 27-12 ) (@Embiid4Mvp) March 20, 2021

Maker’s last experience in the league was with the Cleveland Cavaliers, his third team in the league after the Bucks and Detroit Pistons. The 24-year-old scored 30 points and grabbed 18 rebounds in eight games with the Cavs, who fired him in January.

He’s a free agent now, and this new version of him could mean he’s ready to return to the league. It remains to be seen if the team will give him a chance to come back, but to be fair many people didn’t remember him before this photo came out.

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