Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 review

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 review
Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 review

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Ring’s most powerful video doorbell launched today, and we’ve been using it for the past few weeks. Yes, the $249.99 Video Doorbell Pro 2 comes with just about every bell and whistle imaginable.

With the addition of 3D motion sensors, the Pro 2 can see more and even plan the path a person will take to reach your doorbell. Why is this so important? You will have a better understanding of who or what is approaching your home, coupled with more accurate alerts. From a vision standpoint, it offers a clear video showing the earth in the sky in fisheye alignment.

After a long period of testing, we found that while the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 has a lot going for it, it has some issues with its new integration with Amazon Alexa, which allows the virtual assistant to open the door. And at more than four times the price of an entry-level video doorbell, it’s not suitable for those on a budget. But if you are looking for the ultimate doorbell, the Pro 2 is very interesting, especially if you use features that tell you much more.

For whom? The Ring 2 Pro video doorbell is a great option for anyone who wants to make their home safer and isn’t afraid to pay for the best. The 1536p camera with optional sensors captures the entire scene, so you can easily see who or what is walking past your door.

What you need to know: At $249, the Pro 2 isn’t cheap, but it’s also packed with features that probably justify the price. The video quality is sharp and shows more, thanks to a wider field of view. This way you can see where the package can be delivered and get a full picture of the person who delivered the package. 3D motion detection and bird’s eye view provide more detailed alerts and more information about who or what is approaching your doorbell.

As he compares himself: The Pro 2’s 3D motion and bird’s eye view features are not found in any other doorbell, giving the Pro 2 a big advantage. Displaying the distance a person has traveled from your doorbell is not only convenient, it can also give you peace of mind. The fisheye view makes it easy to see everything and everyone near your door, something other Ring doorbells, as well as competing doorbells like Nest Hello, can’t offer because they don’t have a wider lens. Most of the basic features of the Pro 2 include new hardware not found on other doorbells.

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Unlike the Video Doorbell 3 or 3 Plus, the Video Doorbell Pro 2 is wired only. And you don’t need to buy a new doorbell module – it works with your existing bell. The most important part of the installation requirements is a bell transformer capable of providing 16 to 24 volts. This metal box is usually located next to a panel that converts the normal electricity in your home into a lower voltage that powers the doorbell. You can check the voltage with a multimeter or have a qualified electrician do it for you.

Once you’ve confirmed that the Pro 2 will work in your home, the Ring app (for Android or iOS) will guide you through the installation process. You start by scanning a small QR code to add a doorbell to your Ringing account. The application then shows the various steps required to complete the installation. For the installation part, i.e. removing the old doorbell and installing the Pro 2, you should be familiar with the electrical wiring. If you have a chime, you will also need to install the included Ring’s Pro power kit.

In total, it took us about 15 minutes to set up the Doorbell Pro 2, and even if you’re not familiar with the wiring of a bell, it will take you about the same amount of time. Everything you need to install the doorbell is included in the box, except for an electric drill or screwdriver. If you are unsure, we recommend that you have the installation done by a licensed electrician.

After installing the doorbell and turning on the power, use the app to connect to the Wi-Fi network and install any pending firmware updates.

Once you launch the app, you’ll be helped to set up motion detection and can choose where you want the alerts to come from. We recommend not taking the road with you to avoid getting kicked every time a car passes.


Ring equips the Pro 2 with a wide-angle lens for clear, sharp video, raising the bar a little higher than its predecessors. The Pro 2 records high definition video at 1536p, which is an odd resolution. Instead of standard 1080p or even 4K shots, the Pro 2 has a 150 by 150 degree field of view. The result is a video that not only captures a wide horizontal view, but also a high vertical view.

For example, you can see everything directly below or above the camera. B. The package the delivery guy left on the porch. Other video doorbells have similar display features, but usually only in one direction. For example, the Logitech Circle video doorbell has a 160-degree diagonal field of view, so you can see from head to toe.

The Pro 2’s videos have a fisheye lens that distorts a bit at the edges, but that doesn’t detract from the overall quality. We prefer a larger field of view, so for us it’s a fair trade off.

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In addition to the wide field of view, the Pro 2 has a color night vision feature that allows you to see more detail in low light conditions. We prefer this approach to the night vision that video doorbells and competing doorbells have had in the past. It’s much easier to see who or what may be near your door, and for packages that arrive late, you can easily determine the size, shape and color.


Two unique features of the Pro 2 video doorbell work together to provide more detailed and accurate motion alerts. The 3D motion provides a more accurate measurement of the distance to a person, and the birds-eye view uses this information to represent the path the person took as they approached your door.

At the moment they’re only available on the Pro 2, but we’d like to make them standard on all Ring outdoor cameras and doorbells.

During testing, strangers appeared at our door several times – which doesn’t happen often in our home – and it was exciting, even reassuring, to be able to open the Ring app and see exactly where they were going when they appeared at the door. Of course, we could have watched the recorded video clip to see where they were going, but the points were already drawn on the video, so we knew if there was anything we needed to know.

When a person leaves, orange dots appear indicating their last position. Over time, the orange dots turn red and eventually disappear.

The only complaint we have about Bird’s Eye View (besides the fact that it’s not available on all Ring devices) is that the setup process isn’t very precise. After installing Pro 2 and logging into your Ring account, you will see a satellite image of your home. You will then be asked to place a pin in the picture where the doorbell is installed. The ring then uses the same satellite image as the basis for the orange and grey points.

Since the photos are not accurate and our placement may have been a little off, the dots were not placed exactly where the person walked. The dots in our overlay often went across part of our yard or right next to the sidewalk, rather than representing the path of a person on the sidewalk.

Again, this is confusing. We acknowledge that. But it would be nice if Ring had a camera to detect common objects, like a sidewalk or path, and to combine this information with satellite imagery to more accurately describe where someone is walking.

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Ring recently added the ability for Amazon’s Alexa to answer the doorbell and ask the person to leave a message for you. You can also ask Alexa to give an automatic answer. Each will answer the doorbell after a preset time (up to 20 seconds) of your choosing. On paper it’s a good feature, but there’s a problem. You have to open the door in the Ring app so Alexa doesn’t intervene. If you’re home and open the door, don’t open the door or the bell app.

One day during a test, we opened the door for a pizza delivery and while signing the credit card receipt, Alexa started talking to a man. She announced that she would contact them and record the message. It was uncomfortable and, frankly, a little embarrassing. There was no obvious way to shut her up, so we just tried to make a joke (she fell down) and hurried inside for dinner. (Yes, the pizza was still good).

We have seen similar situations where prompt responses to the doorbell came long after delivery, confusing the driver as he returned to his car. Suffice to say, Alexa’s quick replies and greetings are disabled on our Pro 2.

The digital assistant that answers the phone has a clear purpose, but it would be nice if it automatically turned off when you were home and on when you were away. We look forward to more customization options around this feature set.

There’s a lot to like about the Video Doorbell Pro 2. It is full of features, old and new, that are useful and reassuring. Quick greetings and answers would be helpful for some changes, especially with so many people working from home.

At $250, the Pro 2 is not the cheapest video doorbell, but it is the most powerful and it deserves its high price. If you want the best the ring has to offer, the Pro 2 is clearly what you need.

Ring’s Pro 2 video doorbell is available now on Amazon for $249.99.

frequently asked questions

Is it worth calling doorbell number 2?

The ring 2 video intercom is a robust device. Installation is simple, the app is easy to use, motion tracking works perfectly, and the battery lasts long enough to not be a problem.

Is the doorbell worth it?

Conclusions. The Video Doorbell Pro offers almost everything you would expect from a smart doorbell. It’s fairly easy to install, has a sleek design with interchangeable front panels, and delivers razor sharp 1080p video day or night.

What is the difference between a Doorbell 2 and a Pro?

The biggest difference between them, by design, was the way they were fed. While the Ring Video Doorbell 2 can be either wired or battery operated, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro can only be wired. The advantage of fixed wiring was that we never had to worry about a dead battery.

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