Post COVID Reveals the Futures of Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny

The latest episode of South Park, titled “The Fractured But Whole,” aired on Wednesday and promised a slew of new information about the game. It turns out fans have plenty to look forward to for this sequel including Stan’s future daughter Wendy who is going to save the world from evil with her mind-bending powers. The show has previously shown that Cartman was killed in his fight against Kenny but now it seems like he will be back!

“South Park” is an American adult animated sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The series follows the misadventures of four boys: Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny.

Post COVID Reveals the Futures of Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny



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The first of 14 hour-long specials/movies from South Park, dubbed South Park: Post COVID, debuted on Paramount+ today (which the show instantly mocked with a title card referring to it as a Paramount+ movie that is “not a movie, it’s a made for TV movie”). With it came an unexpected glimpse into the future of South Park. The special takes place decades after the COVID-19 epidemic has ended, in a world where the main four youngsters from the series have grown up and are reconnecting for the first time in years. For those who are wondering about what occurs, we’ve summarized part of it here, as well as the most important disclosures for the character’s future. Here are all of the spoilers for South Park: Post Covid!

The death of Kenny McCormick, who died under unexplained circumstances and whose burial draws Stan Marsh back to South Park, serves as the catalyst for the reunion of the kids. Stan reunites with Kyle, who is skeptical of Kenny’s murder and now works as a “online whiskey consultant” with Alexa (in the first of several Blade Runner 2049 parodies). Jimmy, who is now the host of Late Night; Token, a South Park cop; plus Wendy, Tweek, Craig, Scott Malkinson (now a priest), PC Principal; and, most notably, Cartman, who has converted to Judaism and is now a rabbi with a family (and a wife named Yentl), all of which irritate Kyle because he thinks it’s all a ruse.

Kenny’s closest childhood buddy will know where he’s hidden something for them to uncover, according to a mystery letter he left behind after his death. The source of COVID-19, which fans of the series know was caused by Randy, becomes evident, and the guys spend the most of the special hunting for explanations. Kenny was shown to have planned a trip back in time to find the truth, only to return to the future after contracting a new strain of COVID and bringing it back into the Post COVID world. The new COVID Delta+ Rewards Program version puts the whole community into a frenzy of purchasing toilet paper, donning masks, and forcing youngsters to study remotely. Naturally, this puts the whole town under quarantine, with the discovery that one individual in the entire town is unvaccinated, sparking widespread curiosity and testing. 

Stan visits his father in the Shady Acres Retirement Community, which has grown to include hundreds of thousands of people such as Randy Marsh, Mr. Garrison, Mr. Mackey, Jimbo, and others. The feud between Stan and Randy seems to have begun shortly after COVID, when Sharon was about to divorce Randy. Stan wanted to burn down the Tegridy Farms building, which Shelly was inside when it went built, since he wouldn’t allow it due of his pot company. Shelly is said to have died, and Sharon then committed suicide. It’s serious, but it’s done in the humorous fashion that South Park is known for.

We’ll simply add that the episode doesn’t wrap everything up at the end (a huge revelation about “what caused all this” is the show’s storytelling at its finest), but it does build up the series’ next special, which is already scheduled to premiere in December. Randy discovers the smallest marijuana plant growing on the Tegridy Farm after the spirits of Sharon and Shelly inform him that Stan is a d-ck; the episode also hints where Butters has been this entire time, he’s locked up after his Professor Chaos persona took over.

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