How to Train an AI Chatbot With Custom Knowledge Base Using ChatGPT API

How to Train an AI Chatbot With Custom Knowledge Base Using ChatGPT API

One of most requested feature in Windows 11 is the dark mode support for Notepad application. On your Windows 11 your PC, you can turn on the dark mode for Notepad application. The dark mode can also be enabled for Notepad++ application which is covered in the later section. This is as close as I can get to a replica of the Visual Studio 2012’s Dark theme in Notepad++. I created it to ease switching between files opened in Visual Studio and Notepad++. Particularly close attention has been paid to C, C++, and XML but a number of other languages have been tested.

  • Teachers, students, office workers, work-from-home folks—anyone can use these!
  • In this article, we will look into how to use flexbox to create a responsive image gallery that looks well at every viewport size.
  • Right-click on the lower left corner of your Start screen to bring up the short start menu.

Compilers scan the high-level code line by line and show different errors present in the code in the command line. Open the browser’s download list and locate the downloaded archive. Before every commit, developers run local unit tests on their code to check for errors and correct them. Then this continuous integration service runs some automated tests to catch the errors immediately. This article also explains how to use some online IDEs to start development in C++. I cannot find the compile button anywhere in the program.

App specs

Under such circumstance, I advise you to get MiniTool Power Data Recovery to help you restore permanently deleted text files. First, you can see whether the deleted files are in the recycle bin or not. It is fully compatible with all Windows OS and Mac OS X. Now, being a developer, you already know that the Notepad files are the same as the Notepad++ files. So, if you’ve lost files of Notepad and Notepad++, recover unsaved files with our data recovery tool Tenorshare 4DDiG.

In this context, using the SFC and DISM commands may clear the files’ corruption and thus solve the problem. Notepad application might not open in Windows 10 due to a conflicting application/malware (like ‘WinSeven.exe’) or corrupt system files. Moreover, the wrong configuration of the system’s registry may also cause the error under discussion. If the Match case option is enabled it makes the search case-sensitive. It matches the whole search instead of words containing the word. For example, if you are trying to search ‘place’ only matches ‘place’ and it will not match ‘places’ or ‘replace’ in the file.

C++ Builder compiler

There are a couple of tools you need to set up the environment before you can create an AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT. To briefly add, you will need Python, Pip, OpenAI, and Gradio libraries, an OpenAI API key, and a code editor like Notepad++. All these tools may seem intimidating at first, but believe me, the steps are easy and can be deployed by anyone.

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