College Football Playoff 2020 – Rankings, key dates, TV listings and analysis

University football play-offs are hot under normal circumstances, but the 2020 season is nothing more than normal.

At the CCA the members of the PCP selection committee worked with a staggered schedule, game cancellations and Notre Dame. Which teams will block four places in the semifinals? What will the committee take into account in its decision?

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about university football qualifications, including the calendar, TV announcements, news and analysis.

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Important data

  • 20. December: Sending a sample for the research of the University Football Playoffs, Midi ET (ESPN/ESPN App)
  • 1 January 1: SFP semi-finals, bowl of roses, 17.00 ET (application ESPN/ESPN)
  • 1 January 1: Semifinal of the CFP, Sugar Bowl, 20:45 ET (ESPN/ESPN application)
  • 11. January: Game for the national title, 20:00 ET (ESPN/ESPN application)
  • Extensive coverage of university football

Important questions

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ESPN’s Heather Dinić will perform at the College Playoff Qualifying Show on the 20th. December some important questions:

How does the committee select its four teams?

The team ranking protocol hasn’t changed. As stated in the minutes, the committee is responsible for selecting the best teams. The Commission shall monitor the matches, evaluate each team and have at its disposal all relevant statistics. The group will continue to use factors such as winning the top 25 teams, winning teams with a track record and what they saw on the tire. If the teams are comparable, the selection committee uses several factors to decide between the teams: the championship won, the strength of the tournament schedule, personal results, if applicable, and the comparative results of common opponents.

How did the Kovid 19 pandemic affect this process?

There are no minimum conditions to participate in the CFP, but the number of matches will eventually be a factor in the discussion. According to the CFP, the victories of the different teams are certainly important for the weighting of their scores, but this is not the only factor. The more matches there are, the greater the chance that the team will prove itself in the committee. With so many unbalanced reforms, the chairman of the parliamentary committee, Gary Bartha, said that eye examination will play a more important role this year than ever before.

The Commission will also take into account players and coaches who have missed matches due to isolation or quarantine, but this will be dealt with as in the past. If a major player misses a match, the committee will know and investigate whether the absence has affected the match on the pitch.

Which games decide the playoffs?

ACC Championship (19 December 16.00 ET, ABC/ESPN App): If Notre Dame beats Clemson for the CCA title with his second win of the season against the Tigers, Clemson is likely to fall out of the top four. If Clemson wins and the Tigers and the Irish eventually lose, it is possible that they both end up in the top four – but that depends on what happens in the SEC and Big Ten games. Without the CCA title, Notre Dame will be in the same place where she normally stands alone: hoping that her resume and team will be good enough to make up for the lack of a conference championship.

Big Ten Championship (December 19, afternoon ET, FOX): With a 5-0 victory, Ohio didn’t play enough games to go to sixth place after canceling three of them, including the regular season finale against Michigan. But on Wednesday, athletic directors and Big Ten executives voted to change the rule and pit Buckeyes against Northwestern in the conference championship. Now that this rule has been lifted, Ohio has a chance to punctuate their resume as the Big Ten and stay in place for the semifinals. A victory against a talented and disciplined UN team is no guarantee. The Buckeyes have almost no chance of making a mistake.

Members of the FPS Committee

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The members of this year’s university football committee. Bill Hancock is still the CEO.

  • Gary Bartha (Chairman), Iowa Athletic Director.
  • Paola Boywin, former journalist from the Republic of Arizona, currently teaching at ASU.
  • Tom Berman, Wyoming athletic director.
  • Joe Castiglione, Oklahoma athletic director.
  • Rick George, Colorado athletic director.
  • Ken Hatfield, former head coach of Rice, Air Force, Arkansas and Clemons.
  • Ronnie Lott, former USC attorney.
  • Terry Muhajir, Arkansas State Athletic Director.
  • Ray Odierno, former Army Chief of Staff.
  • R.K. Slocum, former A&M coach of Texas and acting director of athletics.
  • Todd Stansbury, Georgia’s director of athletics and technology.
  • Scott Stricklin, Florida athletic director.
  • John Urshel, former Pennsylvania State Offensive Unit.

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