Atlas Tea Club review | CNN

Atlas Tea Club review | CNN
Atlas Tea Club review | CNN

Atlas Tea Club is a social tea club that helps you to enjoy drinking tea with friends. They provide you with tea of your choice and help you to select a tea club your friends so you can enjoy drinking tea with them. You can enjoy and savor different flavors of tea with them. They don’t care about your weight, what you are wearing, where you are from, or how much money you have.

Tea is a beloved drink worldwide. You can find it in many different forms, from hot to iced to powdered, and for many people, it is a regular part of their daily diet. For those who are tea lovers, they can be proud to know that tea is the second most consumed drink in the world (after water), and that the most consumed type of tea is black tea. But what makes the drink so special?

The Atlas Tea Club is a Tea subscription service (no pun intended) that provides users with a variety of high quality teas (for both taste and health benefits). However, the Atlas Tea Club is more than a tea service. It’s a social network that helps you find new friends, make plans with friends, and even connect with professional contacts.

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The coffee industry has a plethora of businesses that can bring freshly roasted beans to your doorstep, but serious tea lovers don’t seem to have as many choices. If you like trying different teas from across the globe, there’s good news for you. Atlas Tea Club is a new service from Atlas, the company behind one of our favorite coffee clubs.

With this subscription service, you may try teas from all around the globe.

We tried Atlas Tea Club and were pleasantly surprised by the delicious teas and informative cards that came with it.

You’ll know the format if you’ve tried Atlas Coffee Club or any other coffee subscription package. For those unfamiliar with subscription services, Atlas Tea Club will send you a package of single-origin tea from across the globe every four weeks once you join up for as low as $15 per month. You may select between a caffeinated or herbal tea plan, and each month, you’ll get a fresh tea sent directly to your home. The $15 plan gives you one bag of loose-leaf tea, which produces approximately 20 cups — but we used more than the suggested 1 teaspoon per cup for a stronger steep, so you may not get quite that many. If you’re a real tea connoisseur, $20 each month will buy you two distinct kinds of tea, enough for approximately 40 cups. Plus, when you enter the code CNN50 at checkout, you’ll receive 50% off your first month of Atlas Tea Club.

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Tea leaves from Atlas Tea Club

Atlas makes joining up and discovering new teas an easy and straightforward procedure, and each box includes tasting notes, steeping instructions, and a postcard with the country’s tea history, so you can have a complete tasting experience. Because the tea is loose leaf, the package includes a pack of recyclable tea bags so you may brew as much as you like.

We were intrigued by the notion of traveling the globe via tea, so we ordered both a caffeinated and a herbal box to try for ourselves. In a nutshell, we enjoyed it. All of the teas we tasted were excellent and flavorful, and learning about the history of a new country’s tea was fascinating.

Atlas caffeinated tea box

CNN/Kai Burkhardt

Tea box with caffeine (Atlas)

In the past, Atlas Tea Club has delivered tea from places such as Sri Lanka, Kenya, Japan, and others, but the boxes we received this time focused on Nepalese teas. A full-bodied black tea with flavors of caramel, baked fruit, and honey, as well as a flowery white tea with vanilla, spring flowers, and muscatel, were included in our caffeine box.

Two relaxing teas, one with notes of licorice root, orange peel, and cinnamon, and the other with linden blossoms, chamomile, and hibiscus, were included in the herbal box we received from Guatemala. We really liked the herbal teas, which were very flowery and flavorful.

You’ll like Atlas Tea Club if you adore tea or even simply tasting different beverages. Additionally, if you don’t want to commit to a regular membership just yet, or if you know someone who enjoys tea, Atlas offers gift subscriptions beginning at $60 for three, six, or twelve months. Remember that if you use the code CNN50, you may save 50% on your first month of tea, excluding gift subscriptions.

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