Among Us and Fall Guys included in Steam’s 2020 Best-sellers list


It has been a tough year for everyone, but a good point of the current pandemic is that we all have more time to play our games. By 2020, the number of fun board games that can be played quickly and effortlessly will have increased. People have never been so attracted to games. Steam finally unveiled the list of the most purchased games of the year, and included the usual selection of AAA shooting and adventure games. Surprisingly, this year’s hits include Sleepers Among Us and Autumn Boys.

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The publication of Steam’s bestseller list comes at the right time, given the ongoing Steam 2020 winter sales. Players from all over the world get a glimpse of the titles that have received the most money from enthusiastic fans. The top of the bestseller line contains a number of older games that are still popular with a large number of players. Dota 2, CS : GO, GTA V, Monster Hunter: World, Rainbow Six Siege have earned their place at the top of that list. They are accompanied by relatively recent titles such as Red Dead Redemption II and Cyberpunk 2077. Cyberpunk 2077 has entered the list despite an avalanche of negative news. The PC statistics are certainly helped by the fact that most of the problems in the game are due to the console ports.

Most surprising and refreshing is the presence among us of autumn types: The ultimate banger on the platinum list of steam top sellers. This doesn’t mean they’re not fun and no games. It’s just great to see games that don’t exceed 40 GB or take up every square inch of your graphics card to finally reach the top of the list.

Processing power. This list is emblematic of the whole gambling world in this chaotic year. You still have your heavyweights who won’t surprise anyone by taking all the money. But there are also simple but fun games that the industry and gamers have taken by storm.


The Elite Club is indeed infiltrated with child-friendly characters such as the teammates of Among Us and the jelly guys of Fall Guys. Most of Steam’s top games feature hyper-realistic models and anatomically correct characters. No one could have guessed that the list would include two games with very different artistic styles, far removed from their contemporaries.

Numbers do not lie.

Most gaming awards take place at the end of each year. The recently completed The Game Awards 2020 competition has already achieved a major victory by winning the award for the best mobile phone game. It’s certainly a great achievement for any title to receive an award from a major award organization, but Steam’s bestseller list offers something completely different. Game and prize reviews show that the organizers award trophies to some of the best titles of the year, but in the end it’s the players who decide which titles make the bestseller list.

Whether in the Steam Shop or in any other digital or physical store. The amount of revenue from the games depends entirely on the fans and not on the critics or influences of the organization. For us and for the boys, Fall Guys didn’t make it to the top of Steam’s bestseller list because they’re very popular. They have achieved this position, like the other games on the list, by having countless players spend their hard-earned money based solely on the merits of their game.


Sales of 2020 steam-powered winter games are in full swing and there are now literally thousands of games for sale at low prices. It’s hard enough to find hidden gems in so many different games. Steam’s bestseller list is a great place to start if you have no idea what new games you want to get.

Of course, it is not wise to just follow the package, but it is not for nothing that these eleven games are at the top of the list. They are a lot of fun and people clearly think the titles are worth it. Keep in mind that most games receive income from micro transactions, but this doesn’t diminish their enjoyment.

It’s always the holiday season, so there’s still time to shop. Get games for yourself or your loved ones. Stay home, be safe, have a good holiday and play good games!

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