Amazon sales: Memorial Day 2021

A reader asked: Are you saying Amazon will be selling space toilets and an automatic death ray in 2021? I don’t know about the death ray but, sure enough, Amazon has already started marketing a high-tech toilet and a smart mirror for the home, in addition to its popular Alexa artificial intelligence device.

Amazon has made a lot of headlines in the last few years, but they have managed to keep a low profile. That is, until they decided to become a major player in the grocery store industry. Their entrance into the market has made many competitors worried, and it is no surprise that some of these companies are now suing Amazon for patent infringement. But we at AsiaWeek believe these companies will ultimately fail because Amazon’s strategy is sound – and their vision for the future is clear.

The U.S. government is on pace to set another all-time record for Amazon sales by 2021, according to Morgan Stanley. The firm said that the e-commerce titan has more than 1 million employees worldwide, making it the world’s largest company by head count. Amazon’s sales in its first quarter topped $5.7 billion, up from $5.6 billion in the same period last year. The firm has an annual revenue of more than $136 billion, making it the fifth-largest company by revenue.

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Amazon is celebrating Memorial Day with a big Spring Into Summer sale, with electronics, housewares, clothing and more going on sale. With savings on everything from Apple Watches to denim shorts to portable campfire stoves, you’re sure to find a great deal on something that makes summer special.

Are you overwhelmed by all the options? We’ll take care of you. We’ve selected the best Memorial Day deals you can get on Amazon right now.


JBL CLIP 3 is a portable and waterproof bluetooth speaker.

It’s time to buy a smartwatch: $70 off the red Apple Watch Series 6 ($329, originally $399;, our pick of the best smartwatches. The TaoTronics Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones ($39.99, originally $49.99; are another great option, with nine hours of battery life and more than 3,000 five-star reviews.

Turn your living room into a personal home theater with the AuKing Mini Projector ($79.99, originally $119.99;, which has built-in speakers and a screen up to 170 inches.

And with a promised 10-hour battery life and a built-in carabiner, the waterproof portable JBL Clip 3 speaker ($49.95, originally $69.95; is the perfect companion for everything from hikes to pool parties.


Rubbermaid 14-Piece Brilliance Storage Set

Save money on food so cooking, cleaning and storing leftovers is easier than ever.

Make your favorite latte at home with the Zulay New Titanium Motor Milk Frother ($8.99, originally $11.99;, which lets you quickly froth milk and cream. And for your favorite evening drinks, the JoyJolt Stemless Set Four-Piece Wine Glasses ($14.40, originally $21.95; are not only stylish, but they’re also made of shatterproof glass and dishwasher safe.

Home EC’s beautiful stainless steel salt and pepper shakers ($12.70, originally $39.99; also make the dinner table look classier, and dessert can become a gourmet experience with the Sondiko High Quality Reusable Kitchen Knife ($13.99, originally $17.99;, perfect for caramelizing creme brulee, roasting marshmallows and even searing steak.

Next: Organize your fridge and cabinets with Rubbermaid’s 14-piece Brilliance Storage Set ($36.99, originally $22.49;, made of BPA-free plastic and rated 5 stars by 27,000 reviews. It’s also a good time to buy eco-friendly Swedish tea towels ($15.46, from $22.99;, a favorite of Underscored readers, which work like paper towels but can be used again and again.


Nourison Aloha Multicolor Indoor/Outdoor Blanket

Lamps, rugs and furniture for the living room, dining room and other areas are discounted up to 35%.

Pick up a Nourison Aloha Multicolor Indoor/Outdoor Rug ($61.57, originally $219; to add a delightful splash of color to any room in the house, or this set of four Gusgopo pillow covers ($10.19, originally $17.99; to add variety for summer without redecorating your space.

We also love the Vifah V188 Outdoor Wooden Bench ($150.12, originally $181.23;, which is ideal for the porch but stylish enough to use indoors. Do you always work remotely? Upgrade your home office with the Serta Air Health and Wellness Executive Chair ($248.99, originally $344.99;, whose ultra-soft frame provides extra lumbar and cervical support.


Amagabeli Campfire

Recruit products to make the most of sunny days and warm weather. For fun in the backyard, the Homech Family Inflatable Pool ($69.99, originally $89.99; is big enough for adults and kids. While you’re at it, keep pests at bay with the Hemiua Electric Zapper ($28.89, originally $36.99;

The Amagabeli Outdoor Fireplace ($110.49, instead of $129.99; is perfect for cozy nights under the stars and comes with a metal fire screen and poker for added safety. For those who don’t want to bother with firewood, the Outland Living Fire Bowl portable fireplace ($105.78, initially $149.99; is another propane-powered option.

Shark purchases

Shark ION robot vacuum cleaner

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Turbo Steel Vacuum Cleaner ($209.99, originally $259.99; is an excellent choice for cleaning up a puppy you’ve quarantined, thanks to its cyclonic pet hair vacuuming system and easy, touch-free emptying mechanism.

Would you rather have a robot do the dirty work? Get up to 30 percent off Shark vacuums, including the Shark Ion AV752 robotic vacuum ($197.98, originally $229.99;, which works equally well on carpet and hardwood.

Students and apartment dwellers will appreciate Dokehom’s 82-gallon laundry basket ($13.59, originally $15.99;, which eases the trip to the laundromat. Also check out the Whitmore Hanging Shoe Shelves closet organizer ($8, originally $13.07;, which is ideal for small storage spaces.


Dokotoo Women’s Spring Summer Deep V-neck Ruffle Long Sleeves Floral Print Mini Dress (Spring Summer)

With offers for women, men, kids and babies, you can find great summer outfits for every member of the family.

Women can stay cool by saving on the Levi’s Women’s High-Waisted Shorts ($29.99, originally $44.50;, made of a comfortable blend of cotton and spandex. Another great option is the cute Dokotoo Ruffle Mini Dress with Long Sleeves (from $13.98, originally $39; with ruffles and 33 colors to choose from. Men can also take part in the action: Select colors of the Levi’s Slim Cutoff 511 Shorts (from $26.99, originally $50; are on sale up to 46 percent.



Nourish your skin with Olay Regenerist Retinol 24 Max ($33.99, originally $52.99;, which comes with a free one-week supply of the brand’s Whip light face moisturizer.

Battle heat and humidity with Wella’s EIMI Nutricurls Anti-Frizz & Curl-Enhancing Styling Spray ($16.57, originally $19.50;, which promises to keep curls smooth and in shape for 72 hours. Also save on Lady Gaga’s Haus Laboratories brand cosmetics, including Le Riot lip gloss ($9, originally $18;, a creamy, lightweight, oh-so-glossy gloss that comes in 31 gorgeous colors.

You can find more great deals on the CNN Coupons website.Amazon’s long-term goal is to become the most valuable company in the world, and to do so, the online retailer needs to continue growing at an accelerated rate, and this includes its revenues. In 2017, Amazon’s revenues increased by 35% to $136.08 billion. For the first time, Amazon’s North American revenue surpassed that of its international growth, which was up by 16% to $125.89 billion.  Amazon’s goal is to reach $500 billion in annual sales by the end of 2020, and this would mean that the company would generate $3.7 trillion in revenue by that time.. Read more about lowe’s memorial day sale 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Amazon have sales on Memorial Day?

In the US, Memorial Day and Labor Day are the only two days that sales tax is not imposed on purchases of items for resale. In other words, when no tax is due, Amazon can mark down their prices to the lowest possible amount. But, what if you’re looking for something that is a bit more unique? Perhaps something with a higher digital value? Well, Amazon will also sell you any item marked down to the lowest First Sale Price, even if the item doesn’t qualify for the same tax break as a resale item. Amazon has sales every day, but the holiday season is a good time to see whether Amazon is having a sale. Here are some ways to find out when Amazon is having a sale. 1. Log in to your Amazon account. 2. In the top menu, click on the word “My Account” 3. Click on “your account” 4. Click on “manage your orders” 5. On the left hand side of the screen, click on “your orders” 6. Click on a specific order 7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look under the “Notifications” section 8. Look in the column of discounts for the date you wish to find a sale (usually the

Does Amazon ever have sales?

Amazon is king of the tech world. It’s been so successful that it’s been dubbed the “King of all Retail”. Amazon has become the go-to place to buy almost anything you need, from a toothbrush to a car, and even movies, books and clothing. As online shoppers, we know what it’s like to be desperately trying to find the lowest price on our favorite products. We’ve all been there—just waiting for Amazon to finally drop the price on that new pair of hiking boots we’ve been eyeing. The reason you see lower prices on Amazon is because the company has a huge sales team that is constantly updating the prices on every product. This is done so that Amazon can be profitable and not lose money selling items. While this process can be frustrating, it is also an important one to keep in mind for online shoppers.

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