Air travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand on the cards

Air travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand on the cards
Air travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand on the cards

The Australian dollar has slipped in value against the New Zealand dollar and this could have implications for future travellers. The Australian dollar has fallen by 6.2 per cent against the New Zealand dollar since last May, when it was worth $0.75. This has caused a 15.3 per cent increase in prices in Australia. Australia is seeing its largest current account deficit since 2008, which is costing us $2.5 billion.

The prospect of the Federal Government regulating domestic airlines in Australia, has been met with a mixed response. There was much speculation that the airlines would find a way to block the proposed legislation, but so far, the opposition has not been successful. This is unlikely to be the end of the matter, as the proposed legislation is set to be introduced in the Federal Parliament during the second half of this year. The Federal Government has also announced it would seek support from other Asian countries for the legislation.

This week, the nation’s consumer watchdog is set to rule on a claim by Qantas that a trans-Tasman airfare monopoly is unfair to Australians because it makes it too expensive to fly to New Zealand. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission last month announced its preliminary findings on the issue.


Coronavirus is already in its second year and has wreaked havoc on the travel industry. Everyone want to go to new locations, connect with people in order to share ideas, and learn about new cultures. The infection became an impediment. Some nations were eager to create air travel bubbles for those who had been vaccinated. The disease’s unpredictable character, on the other hand, was a significant roadblock. This was due to the virus reappearing when no one anticipated it. Dan Tehan is an Australian Federal Minister. He believes that if the country meets the government’s immunization goal, travel bubbles will open up.

People may have to wait until 2022, according to him.

“The next three to four months will be difficult for all of us,” Tehan told News AU, “but there is still a bright beam of sunshine.” He thinks that will happen before Christmas. He is aware of the challenges that the tourist industry faces. They’ve been battling for the last 18 months. Many companies were able to stay afloat thanks to the support packages. There were talks in December of last year about launching an air travel bubble between Australia and New Zealand by 2021. That may not be the case.

It was planned to reopen the New Zealand travel bubble.

Dan Tehan acknowledges that tourism is going through a tough patch right now. Many nations’ economies are reliant on tourism.

Outsiders visit a destination to relax and enjoy the local food, learn about the culture, and bring back memories. The business assistance package does provide some help to companies. There are, however, issues. Outside of lockdown, the advantages are not available. That has to be corrected. He also said that the reopening of the New Zealand travel bubble was highly likely.

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Other nations, like as the Pacific Islands and Singapore, seem ready to accept Australians as long as the number of cases is reduced and vaccination goals are reached. Dan Tehan, according to News AU, highlighted the successful travel bubble with New Zealand. In November 2020, a proposal was made to establish an air transport bubble between Hong Kong and Singapore.

The capacity to cope with the infection would determine the success of travel bubbles.

Travel must take off, and the coronavirus is the stumbling block. The Pacific Islands and Singapore would want to join Australia in a travel bubble. The same may be said about the United States. These can work if there is a coordinated effort to combat the infection. Australia is presently on the UK’s “green list.” It has also changed its entrance requirements for visitors from the United States and Europe. It has eliminated the need for fully vaccinated people to stay in hotels. “We would welcome Chinese visitors back to Australia after we have solved this pandemic,” the Tourism Minister said, according to News AU. He wants tourism in China to return to pre-pandemic levels.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern discusses visiting New Zealand.

New Zealand intends to accept vaccinated visitors from low-risk nations starting in early 2022, according to 7News AU. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made the announcement. It points to a possible loosening of the country’s stringent pandemic border restrictions. From the start, New Zealand has taken good measures to have one of the lowest rates of coronavirus infection among industrialized countries. Its plan to shut the borders to all non-residents in March 2020 may have contributed to this. The ultimate objective, according to the prime minister, is for all vaccinated passengers to be able to travel without being quarantined. She acknowledged that New Zealand is not in a position to fully reopen.

New Zealand has yet to declare whether a country is classified as low, medium, or high risk. Australia, meantime, is dealing with a number of outbreaks of the COVID-19 Delta strain. This is a new phenomenon, and it has led in prolonged lockdowns in Sydney and Melbourne. Canberra may be next.


On Sunday, New Zealand rejected a proposal to allow airlines to transport passengers between Australia and New Zealand via the Southern Cross airspace. According to the airlines, which are the Southern Cross Air and Air New Zealand, that would decrease the travel time between the two countries from 11 hours to eight, allowing passengers to save time and money. Passengers would also be able to choose flights that are shorter than the current ones, which are almost twice as long. The airlines also said that the proposal would increase the number of flights between Australia and Canada from 20 to 45 per week, and between Australia and Asia from 35 to 45.. Read more about virgin australia travel bubble and let us know what you think.

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