Admiral James Stavridis and Elliot Ackerman co-author novel about World War III in 2034

2034 : A Novel About the Next World War is the new book by former NATO Commander-in-Chief Admiral James Stavridis and veteran Elliot Ackerman. Stavridis told Wired magazine that the book was written to prevent a war with the People’s Republic of China. One of the reasons war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union was avoided is that we could imagine how terrible it would be, he told the magazine.

Penguin Press published the book at 9. March. For a six-part excerpt, visit An excerpt can also be read at


The Washington Post praised the authors for writing a lively book at a good pace. The paper notes that the armed forces of India, Iran, Russia, China and the United States are involved in this fictional conflict.

The novel begins with American destroyers sailing in the South China Sea and an American fighter plane entering Iranian airspace. Still, cyberwarfare plays an important role in this story, the paper said. According to the Washington Post, this book is like a warning to the world chained to the machines we carry in our pockets and place on our laps….. In 2034, it’s like Ackerman and Stavridis want us to ….. and scream: Careful.

Global interconnectivity

According to the Washington Post, the book is a subtle commentary on the interconnectedness of the world. According to the newspaper, one of the key figures is a Chinese-American official who studied at Harvard University.

According to the newspaper, another personality was a US deputy national security adviser whose uncle was an admiral in the Indian armed forces.

In an interview with Wired magazine, Stavridis and Ackerman said they drew on their own military experiences to write the book. They noted that Ackerman was a company commander. Ackerman also recalled his work for the governor.

The United States and China are engaged in a war.

Stavridis told the magazine that he was concerned about this feeling that the U.S. and China could be engaged in an outright war. He said the place where this is most likely to happen is the South China Sea, because the two countries’ armed forces are close together. This is the land of unintended consequences, the South China Sea, he told Wired.

Too much reliance on technology

The Washington Post noted that one of the main characters in the novel is Sarah Hunt, a captain in the U.S. Navy. The article points out that this characterization criticizes the technology worship of their peers, failing to realize that over-reliance on these systems has crippled us. According to the article, it can be concluded from this figure that the right way to beat an opponent is not to use additional technologies. And without technology.

Good article by noted futurist John Kao explaining, among other things, how our new book 2034: A novel about the next world war is set against the backdrop of the cyber attacks of the past few weeks.

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