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If he’d known what to expect when he arrived on the morning of the 7th… December 2020 woke up, Aaron James Ezell wouldn’t have filed. He never shuns a dignified fight, he swells his chest, throws his hair across the board and furiously rages against the treacherous heart attack that has struck him. He refused the chance, peacefully fell asleep in front of Twin Cities Hospital and let his beloved wife know that he wouldn’t hurt her anymore.

Friday the 30th. March 1979, a warm, sunny day made things even sunnier when Aaron took his first breath at the Sierra Vista Hospital in San Luis Obispo. In the years that followed it took root and settled on the central coast. The hills around his hometown Paso Robles are known worldwide for their wild, fashionable and unruly country. Zinfandel grows well in rebellious Paso land, just like Aaron. Both were born here and spent their holidays here; he seldom left home.

Well filled with a long line of underdogs, Aaron worked hard and worked a lot of overtime. After having had his own horticultural business for a number of years, he has not only developed an excellent brown colour, but also a work ethic that will serve him well for the rest of his shortened life. He enjoyed the confidence of his loyal customers and earned his bread for years mowing and mowing in the hot Californian sun. His love for green started and didn’t end with the bushes. Strongly opposed to wasting good weeds, he found it necessary to use his talents as a tailor for other purposes and developed a successful company that nourished both his habit and his pocketbook. Whatever your position on the legalization of marijuana, you must have admired his strange ability to make a living by doing what he loved. This passion eventually became a culinary adventure when he, together with the love of his life, opened a restaurant where he ran the bar. The locals loved to get together and hang out with good food and wine, but also to admire the characteristic style of Aaron GQ. Rumours about his ability to shake a strong martini, along with a flashy tail feathers, will surely become a local legend and survive him for years.

In addition to disrespectfully dropping F-bombs, Aaron loved Laganitas, the infamous LaDonna sirloin steak with port served next to beaten potato slices, and spent nights sleeping together on the outdoor bench under the stars. It’s harder to identify the things he felt negative, but among them infidelity comes first. Also judging people. He lived his life philosophy without making much fuss. However, he has properly disclosed the unlawful orders regarding COWID from the criminals in Sacramento. Ahem.

He leaves behind a loyal tribe of acquaintances, friends and family members who all have their own names for him. The man. Uncle. Bartender. Cousin. Dear friend. Son! Son! Son! Son! Son! Son! Son! Son! Son! Son! Son! Son! Son! Neighbor. Brother. Get dressed. The loss of his life leaves an indelible scar on everyone.

Aaron’s daughter, Addison Marie, survives him. He leaves behind the woman he worked with to realize a dream, his beloved young bride, LaDonna. He will be greatly missed by the four members of his family who survived his childlike clichéd explosion, Light My Fire at the Door : His father, Dennis Ezell (and his fiancée Diane) spent a small fortune on bridges, wheels and ball bearings while riding Aaron’s skateboard. His mother Michelle (and her husband Tim), for whose safety and protection Aaron once launched a midnight phone chain that began in Arizona and ended at police headquarters on the Highland Ranch in Colorado. (It should be noted that, unfortunately, it is the timely reverse numbering that is guilty, not a malicious act by someone). His favors from two brothers and sisters (see also: author of this obituary), his older sister Darcy (and her husband Jeff). His younger brother Lucas (and his fiancée Lindsay), who was both Aaron’s greatest rival and his most loyal protector, found himself in a difficult situation. In recent years, LaDonna’s extended family, including the sisters Amanda, Monica and Hannah, has become a beloved family.

His grandparents, Artella Ezell (who preceded him in death) and David and Sandra Cooper, were important figures in his youth. Aaron was functional for his surviving cousins, Torrey, Kennedy, Cassidy and Caitlin, and his nephews, Caleb and Jace. If one really needs a village, one can say that Aunt Sharon (who died before him), Aunt Shirley and Uncle Monte can share the responsibility for his dear crime. Christmas Eve camping at Plaskett Creek and backyard barbecues were memorable for the friendship and love of cousins Robert, Tracy, Justin, Cade and Jaime.

Recent headlines have made big headlines about a rare planetary alignment that will make poinsettia visible in a few weeks for the first time in 800 years. People will call back and call to set up telescopes for observation. It must be a show for people who love this kind of thing. But if Aaron’s short life has taught us anything, it is that the rarest and most precious lights shine most brightly in the moments we create with those we love. I know he would be honored if you would spend the rest of his time in his memory with lots of laughter, a good life and a burning light. He’d be the first to toast.


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