15 things that show how Arsenal, 15th in the Premier League, are a mess right now

Arsenal are a thriving club at the moment, with a wretched 1-0 home defeat for Bernley on Sunday adding to the problems of the Premier League.

Les Clarts battled in the relegation zone and after a bad start to the season, they managed to get only six points out of the top three when the last whistle blew in the Emirates.

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Arsenal boss Michael Arteta survives the most difficult period of his 12 months at the helm of the gunners, who are now probably at their lowest level since the departure of Arsenal Wenger in 2018.

With Arsenal ranked 15th in the Premier League standings, here are 15 items that illustrate Arsenal’s malaise, one for each level it has fallen into the top flight (but only in alphabetical order) since the beginning of this season.

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1. Discipline

Or rather, an apparent absence. The Ksaka Granite was sent against Burnley after the VAR took it out of the enemy’s throat. Since Michael Arteta took first place in December 2019, Arsenal has received twice as many red cards (six) as any other club in the Premier League.

2. Thierry Anneui

Patrice Evra tells how Thierry Henry invited him to the play Arsenal. pic.twitter.com/rsIltIz1Zv.

– ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) 13. December 2020.

Ksaki is smart enough to rid fans of patience and enthusiasm, and club legend Thierry Henry is no exception. As Patrice Evra Sky Sports said during a game in Burnley, the big arsenal can’t stand the fact that the midfielder wears a captain’s bracelet.

3. Living comfort

The Hanners are currently in a deplorable state and their defeat for Bernley means that, for the first time since December 1959, they have lost four home games in a row.

4. Aubameyang has scored again – at the wrong end of.

Fault! The file name is not specified. The captain of Pierre-Emerik Aubameyan Arsenal has not filled in the rating form since the new contract was signed. Getty

But Arteta’s fighting spirit finally got the best of a cross on Sunday. The bad news is that Pierre Emeric Aubameyang has managed to nod his own goalkeeper – for the first time since July that he scored a goal in the Emirates and his first goal in his professional career. In fact, Aubameiang has scored more goals this season for his rivals (1) than for his home team.

5. Interest in games

Burnley controlled only 35 percent of the possession against Arsenal and saw his only shot at goal stop, but he still won the match. Amazing things.

6. The crowd couldn’t lift it.

Five teams from the Ukrainian Premier League received fans this weekend.

Arsenal’s the only club that’s lost.

– ESPN FC (@ESPNFC) 13. December 2020.

For the first time in ten long months, UAE fans were able to compete in the Premier League game, but their team’s evening bowling ended.

7. Sending fans to bed

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I understand. pic.twitter.com/76y73kk9iL

– asshole (@arseblog) 13. December 2020

In fact, the rush to return to the terraces soon gave way to fatigue, with a fan, including taking evasive measures with a face mask to make sure it had nothing to do with anything.

8. Steering fan overboard

Arsenal, I’ve had enough of Arteta, it’s time to go! #ARSBUR #ArtetaOut #Arteta pic.twitter.com/My6b5L5Q2O

– George Watts (@GwattsRants) 13. December 2020.

Burnley’s defeat also angered those who had watched him at home, including the young man who was (performatively) furious at the end of the match.

9. Ritty Smash!


– Ian Wright (@IanWright0) 13. December 2020.

It’s fair to say that club legend Ian Wright, who is normally an exuberant Arsenal fan, also didn’t enjoy what he saw at the Bernley game.

10. Freemong wants to dissolve theclub.

Sell the khaka and get me for free.


Let’s dismantle the arsenal with immediate effect.


Something came to mind when Emmanuelle Freemong, one of the most disappointing players in Arsenal’s recent history, weighed up the pros and cons and offered to return to midfield, despite having retired 18 months ago, and even proposed to simply close the club now.

11. Broken batch

In the next 25 days, Arsenal have seven more games to play and it seems that the Artet will have to do without the services of their £ 45m summer signing, Thomas Partey. Ghana’s International Organization suffered a second hip injury in a recent 2-0 derby defeat of Tottenham Hotspur. This happened after his manager was spotted trying to push the game back onto the field as he walked away just before half-time, when Spurs rushed forward to score their second goal, only to have the midfielder come back after a few steps. said Arveta after the game:

I tried to push him, but I don’t think he was aware of the seriousness of the situation when he left, but it was probably because he was in a lot of pain. Suddenly they attack us, and Thomas comes at me, and I tried to push him. I didn’t talk to him, so I don’t know how it happened or if he felt anything really bad.

Maybe it’s time to call Freemong after all.

12. Downward escape route

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Frank Leboöf burst into the arsenal of Michael Arteta and declared that the winners and big players no longer wanted to play for the club.

It is inevitable that there will be fewer artillerymen at the table than when Arteta was appointed almost exactly one year ago. In the Premier League Arsenal finished in 10th place with 22 points from 18 matches. Seven points from the top four of the riders when the Hanners finished in 21st place. In December 2019 they appointed their former club captain as their permanent successor, Unai Emery. They finished eighth and won the English Cup. In 12 matches played in the 2020-21 campaign, Artete is currently in 15th place, only five points above the decommissioning zone.

13. Horrible Stories

With only 13 points from 12 editions this season, Arsenal is currently at the lowest level of the league season since 1979-80. Their total of 10 goals in 12 games is also the lowest since 1981-82. The only teams in the Premier League with fewer goals than Arsenal (10) are West Bromwich Albion (9), Burnley (6) and Sheffield United (5) – and these teams are in 19th, 17th and 20th place.

14. Shyness

Arsenal is currently playing in the Premier League and six of the last eight league games have been played without a goal on the way back. There have been few important moments, with the team center forward Alexander Lakazett have not had a single goal in the League since September.

15. Assistant in range.

Good luck Gunners❤️ #YaGunnersYa #TOTARS @Arsenal

– 6. Mesut Ozil (@MesutOzil1088) December 2020

It is a controversial issue, but the fact that Arsenal gave away their most creative player and left him on Twitter to applaud the team from home does not help when it comes to false targets. Arveta suggested that the door was a bit ajar and that the situation with Mesut Ozil could be reviewed in January, and said that this would be done pending the loss of Bernley: He’s not on the team right now. I only focus on the actors we have here. But whatever happens in January, we have time to decide. But so far the German playmaker has only functioned as an expensive cheerleader.

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